Terms & Conditions

The terms listed on this page refer to FreelanceWithUs and its copyrights, affiliations and more. Throughout this policy, the words “us”, “we” and “our” refer to FreelanceWithUs and its owners, whereas the terms “you” and “your” refer to the readers of this website. Unless otherwise specified, these terms and conditions refer to all of the FreelanceWithUs brand, including the FreelanceWithUs forum, which can be found at Freelancer.Community, and is linked on the main page of FreelanceWithUs.

General Information

The FreelanceWithUs website was created to inform, educate and entertain. This website was created by freelancers for freelancers, and it appeals to the freelancing community by giving them a place to learn, to talk and to improve their skills and increase their income. FreelanceWithUs is not primarily focused on profit, at least not initially, and the goal of this website is to promote products and services that the owners of the website are affiliated with, while also promoting the owners themselves.


FreelanceWithUs was created as an educational site, designed to inform and to advise, and not to sell a product or a service. However, FreelanceWithUs may provide links to freelancers and affiliates who do provide a product or a service, including the owners and users of this website. While FreelanceWithUs recommends these freelancers based on prior experience and the information at hand, we are not involved with them on a personal basis, we have no impact on the service that they provide, and can therefore not be held responsible for anything that happens as a result of someone hiring one of these freelancers and using a product or service that we link to. All users are advised to make up their own minds about individuals companies and services, and in doing so they assume responsibility for their own actions. FreelanceWithUs only link to services we deem to be genuine and honest, and to contractors and workers we view in a similar light, but it is not always possible to vet these as closely as we would like and it is not at all possible to monitor their interaction with you, so FreelanceWithUs can not be held responsible.

Write For Us

Should you wish to write for us, then a different set of terms and conditions apply. These are discussed in brief on the relevant page, and will also be discussed when you apply for this role. FreelanceWithUs only accepts original work, and any work published on this website must not be published anywhere else. FreelanceWithUs may pay for this work, and it also reserves the right to edit it beforehand. Additional terms will be discussed with prospective writers who may be asked to sign a contract or an agreement prior to writing for FreelanceWithUs.

Copyrights and Ownership

At FreelanceWithUs we are only interested in unique and 100% original material. Everything on this website was created exclusively for FreelanceWithUs, either by the site’s owners and stock holders, or by freelancers hired specifically for the role. FreelanceWithUs is the official copyright holder for all of the material on the FreelanceWithUs website, and if this is used without permission anywhere else, then we may take legal action. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, all of the following, whether in full, edited, or partial form:

  • Written Material (articles, quotes, website content, forum content)
  • Logos (with or without the FreelanceWithUs brand)
  • Images (including banners)

FreelanceWithUs also reserves the right to use public domain images, which it does with some of, but not all of, its article images. You are free to link to any of the material on the FreelanceWithUs website, and if you contact us first and request permission, we may also let you use this material if it is correctly attributed. Nothing can be used without our express permission though.

Adding Your Details

FreelanceWithUs reserve the right to remove your details from this site if it is discovered that you are using the service incorrectly, or that you are in breach of the terms provided at the point of sale. The goal of FreelanceWithUs is not just to profit from these additions but to ensure that we only recommend and advertise professional, quality services. And if you do not live up to this, then we will remove your from the site.

Privacy Policy

There are very few instances in which FreelanceWithUs will request your personal information. In such cases we will always strive to keep this safe and secure, and we will never use it for marketing purposes, nor will we ever sell, lease, trade or give it away. To learn more about what private information we request and what we do with it, please visit our privacy policy.


By using the FreelanceWithUs website you are giving us your consent for the terms and conditions listed herein. You may close this website down if that is not the case, but in such instances we would appreciate some feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve the service that we offer and most of these terms were created with our readers in mind, so we’d appreciate any comments if these terms are unsatisfactory to you.


We reserve the right to make changes as and when required, and we also reserve the right to make these instantly and without making an announcement. If these changes are significant then we may try to make such an announcement, but not if they are minor and not if we are unable to do so. In either case, by using the FreelanceWithUs website after changes have been made, then you are automatically agreeing to them.