Privacy Policy

This privacy policy relates to FreelanceWithUs, its owners, its users and its services. Throughout this policy, the words “us”, “we” and “our” refer to FreelanceWithUs and its owners, whereas the terms “you” and “your” refer to the readers of this website. Unless otherwise specified, these policies refer to all of the FreelanceWithUs website, including the FreelanceWithUs forum, located at Freelancer.Community, a link to which can be found on the main FreelanceWithUs webpage.


FreelanceWithUs is an online enterprise, with no physical location. The purpose of FreelanceWithUs is to provide assistance to the freelancing community, giving contractors a way to connect with the community and a way to find clients. FreelanceWithUs offers advice on online freelancing, with the goal of making this industry more accessible, and of helping freelancers to improve their productivity and their income. FreelanceWithUs does not sell a product. This may change in the future, at which point these terms will also change. But as long as this statement remains, then FreelanceWithUs is simply an informational site, and one that makes its money by linking to affiliates, and by offering occasional services, such as the inclusion on an “Other Freelancers” list. In this case, freelancers are agreeing to the terms and conditions described at the point of sale.

You and Your Information

There are very few occasions in which FreelanceWithUs will ask for your information. However, these do exist:

Contact Forms: When you use our contact forms, we ask that you tell us your name and your email address, and we do this simply so that we can respond to your message. This information will not be used for any marketing purposes, either by FreelanceWithUs, by its affiliates or by a third-party. Newsletter Subscription: If you choose to join a FreelanceWithUs newsletter, then we will store your details and will use them to send you periodic emails. You can unsubscribe to this list at any time, and we always endeavor to provide the information, with a frequency that is acceptable. We will never spam you, we will never sell your details to other lists, and we will always provide you with an option to unsubscribe. Forum: If you join the FreelanceWithUs forum then your details will be stored either on the FreelanceWithUs servers or as part of the forum software. These will not be accessed or manipulated at anytime, nor will they be used for any marketing purposes. Adding Your Details: If you choose to add your details to the FreelanceWithUs site, then you will first be vetted by the administrators of FreelanceWithUs. At this point, an agreement will be reached, the freelancer will receive a contract from FreelanceWithUs, and the details of your inclusion will be provided.

Your Safety

At no point will FreelanceWithUs sell, trade, lease or give-away your details to a third party. These details will be used within the guidelines set above, and they will not be used elsewhere without your express permission and formal consent. This applies to all details that FreelanceWithUs receives from its readers, including Google Analytics data. In this case, the information we receive is very limited, and does not include any specific personal information. We may use this data to improve your experience of the FreelanceWithUs website and to further our understanding of just who uses this site and for what purpose. This information will not be sold, leased, given away or used for marketing purposes.

Do We Use Cookies?

We do use cookies on the FreelanceWithUs website.

Third Party/Affiliate Links

Every now and then we may link to third party websites and services. These sites have separate privacy policies, different to the ones listed on this page. All users of FreelanceWithUs are therefore advised to seek out these independent privacy policies and to read them before using these third party websites. FreelanceWithUs has no connection to these sites, their terms or their policies, so we can accept no responsibility for their content, their products or their services, and we can not be held liable for anything that happens once a reader clicks onto one of these websites. Despite this, we are always looking for ways to improve our services and we always do what we can to link to credible websites. So we appreciate any feedback, good or bad, that our readers have about these sites.

Terms and Conditions

To view FreelanceWithUs’s stance on copyright, ownership, affiliations and liability, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Your Consent

By using the FreelanceWithUs website you are agreeing to our privacy policies. You can simply close this site down if that is not the case, but we would appreciate a comment if so. After all, these policies were designed to provide a safer and more enjoyable service for our readers, and we’d be happy to consider changes if that is not the case.


Should we decide to make changes to these policies, then we reserve the right to do so without informing our readers in advance. We may make such an effort if those changes are severe or they have a significant impact on how you use the FreelanceWithUs website. However, if those changes are small and insignificant, or if we are unable to notify our members in advance, then these changes will be made at our discretion. By continuing to use the FreelanceWithUs website after these changes have been made, you are giving your consent for them. Should this not be the case, you can simply close the FreelanceWithUs website down.


If you would like to get in touch with FreelanceWithUs to discuss any of the terms listed on this page — or anything else for that matter — then simply use the Contact page and we will endeavor to respond as fast as we can.