Writing and SEO Agencies: The Best and Cheapest

Writing and SEO Agencies

If you’re a business owner who braves the world of Internet marketing to help meet sales goals, I know it can be daunting. If you haven’t yet done more than dip your toes in the water when it comes to online marketing, take heart. We all know our potential customers are out there surfing the Internet. But getting our product in front of the right audience at the right time and motivating them to purchase can be tricky to say the least. It takes the right combination of well written, engaging copy along with the right marketing techniques to find those waiting customers effectively. This is why writing and SEO agencies are so critical for business owners today.

If you own a business, you’ve got your proverbial hands full just taking care of the daily tasks associated with running your business. Successful entrepreneurs are the ones that learn early on how to delegate. This is where writing and SEO agencies come into play. SEO and online marketing is a huge industry.

There are about a zillion different strategies and techniques that can be used to pull in readers and convert them into paying customers. Sure, any savvy business owner can learn the basics of copy writing and SEO quickly but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to write content that engages them and gets you results when it comes to sales.

We recognize that business owners don’t have the time or sometimes don’t have the desire or inclination to learn all they need to know about SEO and online marketing. This is where finding the best and cheapest writing and SEO agencies will benefit your business. Delegate your written content and online marketing, including SEO, to the professionals. Let them do what they do best while you focus on what you do best. In the end it’s a win-win situation.

What to Look for in the Best Writing and SEO Agencies

Once you recognize that you need professional writing and SEO to help your business soar and save your sanity, how do you choose the best writing and SEO agencies? There are several areas to consider but below are the ones we feel are critical to consider when weeding out the best of the best. The best writing and SEO agencies will strike a good balance in each of these areas.

SEO Friendly—It’s critical to work with a team that respects strategies of SEO and the importance of using those strategies wisely and with good judgment. Keywords are essential but avoid keyword stuffing and trying to “trick” the ranking systems.

Marketable—Creatively influenced content is more effective. This means original content, never before ideas or combinations of concepts, and an audience that values and shares the content. Review written content the potential vendor has done for others. Is it original or merely rehashed content from elsewhere? Does it seem that there is an audience of people who like, share, and engage with their content?

Conversion Driven—If you’ve done any marketing online at all, you know the term conversions. Even offline sales are focused on “closing the deal” or “getting the sale”. When you review written content from each potential vendor, consider whether it actively engages readers and persuades them to become paying customers. What approaches are writers using to inform the reader and persuade them to purchase?

Variety—The best writing and SEO agencies offer a wide range of content formats including blog posts, press releases, articles, magazine articles, etc. Written content based on the source publication instead of content catered to a specific audience or publishing format is better.

Writing Standards

This ensures writers producing content have an in-depth understanding of how to create SEO friendly content that meets client needs and helps further client goals. This type of writing takes an experienced writer with a specific background or in-depth knowledge of several fields to create conversion driven content.


When you’ve considered all of the above criteria, take some time to ferret out information on the reputation of each potential writing and SEO agency. Never choose a vendor based on reputation alone but always use it as a tie breaker once you narrow down your list using other criteria. The best writing and SEO agencies will have a presence online, you will see the results of their work in how they market and promote their own brand.

Some of the Best Writing and SEO Agencies

Based in Lehi Utah
Founded in 2009
Revenue over $10 million
Nearly 500 employees and 7500 clients
92% Client retention rate
Client list includes J.D. Powers, Dexter Law

Based in Harrisburg PA
Founded in 1997
More than $10 million revenue and 100 plus employees
Over 500 active clients with a 99% retention rate
Client list includes Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Verizon, and World Bank

Straight North
Based in Downers Grove, Illinois
Over $10 million revenue
100 employees and more than 500 active clients
97% retention rate
Client list includes Hub Group, Harvard, Chicago Bears

Compulsion Media
Based in the UK and US
Newly Launched
Less than 10 employees
XX% retention rate
Client list includes: EnfieldHaunting.com, Ways-To-Die.com

Higher Visibility
Based in Cordova, TN
Founded in 2008
Revenue between 5-10 million
More than 50 employyes
98% retention of more than 300 clients
Client list includes Ebay, Allied Van Lines, Warner Brothers

Ignite Visibility
Based in San Diego, CA
Established 2012
5-10 million
More than 40 employees and 150 clients
98% retention
Client list includes: Tony Robbins, Medifast

Thrive Internet Marketing
Founded in 2005
3-5 million
Less than 50 employees
More than 100 clients
95% retention rate
Austin College, City of Granbury

Pricing of services is always an important factor when choosing the best writing and SEO agencies but it shouldn’t be the dominate factor. Take the time to get detailed quotes and ask questions to clarify what services are or are not included. When comparing services, make sure you are comparing apples to apples so to speak. This will ensure that you choose the right SEO or writing agency for your project without compromising quality just to save a buck.

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