Corel WordPerfect Versus MS Word: Which is Best?

Corel WordPerfect Versus MS Word

The main reason to make use of word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect is so that you can effectively share ideas and thoughts. When it comes to documentation of events, historical facts, thoughts, and ideas, our world has evolved from an oral documentation society to a written documentation society. And thus, with the invention of the computer, it became even more crucial to document things in writing.

In the showdown between Corel Word Perfect and MS Word, the battle was actually won long ago. Many loyal users begrudgingly switched to MS Word from WordPerfect because their employers or universities were switching. It just made document sharing much easier. For some users, the switch was easy; for others it was done kicking and screaming back in the 1990’s to 2000’s.

Corel WordPerfect Versus MS Word: Basics

Corel headquarters are in Canada with office locations in the U.S., the U.K, Germany, Japan, China, and Taiwan. MS Word, as most people know, comes out of Microsoft, which was company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen back in 1975. As a result, MS Word has an advantage as far as working out bugs and kinks and develop new features goes.

Corel WordPerfect was primarily known for its ability to produce impressive, professional documents, presentations, and reports. Because of this, Word Perfect was very popular with those in the legal profession for a long time.

In fact, initially, users were more evenly split between Word and WordPerfect. At one time the federal courts required that proposed orders were in WordPerfect, which meant much of the legal and justice agencies were using it. WordPerfect added formatting fixes via reveal codes and specialized built-in tools such as pleading numbering, a pleading editor, and the ability to redact text.

But the tides have turned. Even lawyers and others in the legal profession have switched to MS Word. It appears Corel has been losing market share for well over a decade and thus WordPerfect seems to be in danger of being swept out into the sea of obscurity.

Corel WordPerfect Versus MS Word: Interface

When it comes to interface, you won’t find a huge difference between earlier versions of MS Word and WordPerfect. The newly developed WordPerfect Office X8 functions even more like Microsoft Office and includes programs for spreadsheets, presentations, and illustration projects as well as word processing. Many users like this all-in-one functionality.

WordPerfect versus Word: SpellCheck

In both Word and WordPerfect misspelt words are underlined with a red line. Most users will not see much difference between the two programs where this feature is concerned. Some users report that Grammar check for WordPerfect is actually better than the one in Word.

WordPerfect versus Word: Pricing

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The one big difference between Corel WordPerfect and MS Word is in the pricing structure. MS Word offers a free trial after which you will need to pay to upgrade and then pay renewal fees annually. MS Word also offers an online cloud version at a monthly subscription price. MS Word charges for installation of the software on additional devices, and you can be locked out of the software if your copy is not genuine. In fact, you can be locked out even if it is genuine if your computer has to be wiped or otherwise restored.

Corel WordPerfect Office X8 can be purchased for a one-time purchase price of around $200 and can be installed on several devices without incurring additional licensing fees. This is a huge advantage over the pricing structure of MSWord, especially for the budget-strapped or budget conscious user.

WordPerfect versus Word: Special Features

Corel WordPerfect does seem to have listened to feedback from its users and it has made some improvements. WordPerfect now features (at no extra cost) the ability to produce and share and even edit PDF files. With the PDF functionality, eBook Publisher, and Mail Merge Expert, WordPerfect functionality rivals that of MS Word.

Word Perfect vs MS Word: Sharing Files

The big issue when it comes to using WordPerfect over MS Word is with file compatibility. The company website claims that WordPerfect is compatible with MS Word and other frequently used file types. User reviews indicate that there are still some issues with this compatibility and that documents created in WordPerfect and shared with non-WordPerfect users may still experience readability problems.

If you are one of those loyal users that are using WordPerfect and find that it’s working for your needs, there’s no reason to stop using it. It is still an effective word processing software. If you have experienced issues with document compatibility with non-WordPerfect users, you may want to consider saving your files in a plain text or rich text format before sharing them or using an open source software such as LibreOffice Writer.

Word Perfect vs MS Word: Final Thoughts

Those of us who write are so different in our needs and ability to focus. I could not possibly give you a definitive recommendation as to which word processor would be best for you. For those who are currently using MS Word for shorter documents, the occasional letter or school report, a free text editor might suit your needs. For those who need to do more editing and formatting than many text editors offer, though, WordPerfect is a perfectly viable and less costly option.

MS Word power users won’t be happy with WordPerfect at all and will be better off looking at something like OpenOffice. If you’re just looking to escape the constant renewal and licensing fees associated with MS Word, I suggest switching instead to a free, open source program such as LibreOffice Writer or something with fewer distractions on the screen such as Scrivener or Apple Pages for the Mac.

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  • Linda Carter says:

    I started my computer writing with Word Perfect and I’m still using it. While it has more features with each version, the actual writing experience can be what you want it to be. If you just want to get those words down on the paper and fix it up later, you can do that. In preferences you can set the default fonts and font sizes and never have to worry about them until you get to an editing stage. There is still a compatibility problem, but WP can be saved in many other formats with varying degrees of success. Heavily formatted documents like tables or scientific or mathematics writing may not convert well. The best tool that WP has is reveal codes which shows your text with formatting codes. With it you can resolve a lot of formatting issues with ease. It always feels like I’m working blind with MSWord because these codes are not available. Just wanted you to know there are still Word Perfect users out here who still love it.

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