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We have been working with some big companies to grow this site lately. But as with everything in the world of publishing, it’s moving very slowly. We are still here though and contrary to what you might have thought, we didn’t disappear into the shadows and are still very much working on FWU.

So, here are a few updates to let you know where we stand in some key areas

The Site

This site used to get new articles posted every day and now that is no longer the case we’ve had some concerned readers asking us if we’re just not working on it anymore. The truth is that we’re still trying to get new content to you, but we’re working on some other stuff behind the scenes. Until we’ve finished there, FWU will only have a handful of new articles published every month. We still have the hundreds of other articles that we have written over the years though.

The Writers

The writers who stuck with us from the beginning are still here. We have lost a couple over time as we had some teething issues, but the site’s star writers, Shana and Megan, are still very much a part of the new FWU and the plans we have for the future.

The Forum

We don’t have much experience working for you in the division of community property. We’re not particularly adept when it comes to message boards, PHP and all that other stuff. We tried and it’s still there, but because of all the work that want into it and the fact that our focus as diverted onto other things, it has been somewhat neglected lately.

By all means still use the forum if you can find a use for it. But just know that it tends to receive a lot of spam and while we’re fighting against it all of the time, there’s only so much we can do. We’ve left most of that in the very capable hands of some star writers/editors/mods, but they are also incredibly busy.

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