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Write for Us Opportunities (Online Jobs; Guest Posts; More)

As a freelance writer, one of the most important elements to success is the ability to write well and in a way, that engages the reader. The second most important key to a successful freelance writing career is finding the clients who are looking for writers! If you’re like other freelance writers, you’ve heard of […]

Freelancing Forum / Writing Forum, New Additions (Updates)

Freelancing With Us has come a long way over the last few months. The site is still less than a year old but we have hundreds of articles across dozens of subjects and it’s getting bigger everyday. I promised to make some big changes when that happened and I have! FWU now has a brand new […]

How to Freelance; How to Write for FreelanceWithUs (Full FAQ for 2017)

FreelanceWithUs is still just a few months old, but a lot has happened in that time. The site has been featured everywhere from Money Magpie to the Huffington Post, which many features coming courtesy of The Online Writer’s Companion, the book that spawned the site. In that time, we’ve fielded hundreds of questions on Facebook, Twitter and through […]

The Online Writer’s Companion: An Update

Freelance With Us was never supposed to be my site. At least, not entirely. I created this site in anticipation of my book, The Online Writer’s Companion, being released. I had already published fiction under two different pen names and had typical author websites for both of them (including David Jester). This was a new […]

Make Money From Home: Find Easy Freelance Jobs

Once upon a time, I was hitchhiking in St. Joseph, Missouri, when a man waved me over from his white pickup truck. He gave me a proposition: “Fifty bucks a day and a place to stay.” I did the math and it sounded good—after all, I was on some type of ill-advised Kerouac odyssey and […]

Make Money From Home: Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Consider this: every time you’ve see a written word online or in print, someone had to write that. The words in an editorial section of a newspaper, that instruction manual, that ad campaign—if you’re looking to find work as a freelancer writer, it’s right in front of you. That sounds harsh, and I can hear […]