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PJ Aitken, also known as Paul Aitken or even P. J. Aitken, is the owner of Freelance With Us and the author of The Online Writer’s Companion, which was published by Allworth Press in October, 2016. PJ Aitken started this site in anticipation of the release of his book and the purpose of the site was to serve as a platform for said book.

He hired a few writers to fill-up the site with content, he received submissions from other writers and before long the site had grown into a worthwhile project of its own. These days, Aitken still uses Freelance With Us to talk about his book and to provide tips to freelance writers everywhere. However, he also works hard on growing this website as an independent project.

If you want to learn more about his work, read his author profile and check with the “About” and “Freelancing Guide” pages of the FWU website. You can also find his author profile on Amazon. As of 2017, he is still freelancing on a full-time basis. However, he also owns a string of websites and has published several nonfiction and fiction titles under this name and several others.

5 Ways to Get Your Freelance Writing Career Moving

What makes a person a writer? Twenty years ago writing was a bit of a niche profession. Publishing came with a very specific set of rules involving an agent, an editor, and usually a lot of paid postage. In many ways writers today are lucky. I remember listening to an interview with Anne Rice one […]

The Best Writing Techniques: Tips to Write Better

At Freelancewithus.com, we’ve already covered many of the best writing techniques that freelance writers can use to maximize their earning potential and stay healthy while doing something they love—writing! In this article, we’ll give a few tried-and-true writing techniques for writers, as well as links to more in-depth articles. Best Writing Techniques: Outlines Ever get […]

How to Freelance; How to Write for FreelanceWithUs (Full FAQ for 2017)

FreelanceWithUs is still just a few months old, but a lot has happened in that time. The site has been featured everywhere from Money Magpie to the Huffington Post, which many features coming courtesy of The Online Writer’s Companion, the book that spawned the site. In that time, we’ve fielded hundreds of questions on Facebook, Twitter and through […]

The Online Writer’s Companion: An Update

Freelance With Us was never supposed to be my site. At least, not entirely. I created this site in anticipation of my book, The Online Writer’s Companion, being released. I had already published fiction under two different pen names and had typical author websites for both of them (including David Jester). This was a new […]

How to Get an Agent (Author Advice)

Have you written a book of fiction or non-fiction and want to seek commercial publishers? Maybe you’ve got a great idea for a book, but you’re looking for ways to bring it to fruition and ultimately deliver it to a mainstream audience. If so, you’re going to want to know how to get an agent. […]