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MS Word is one of the most popular writing programs in the world. In fact, this software is installed on more computers than any other word processor. However, if you ask many of its users, it’s not the best. In the old days, it used to be one of the only programs out there and writers didn’t have much choice. You either used MS Word or you used a typewriter and kept a pot of Tipex on standby.

These days, however, there are many more word processors out there. These include everything from Apple Pages to LibreOffice and Google Docs. In this section you will find articles relating to MS Word and to those alternatives. So, if our writers think there is a better alternative, if they have found something that has worked better for them and may be able to work better for you, then you will hear about it.

We have covered a lot of writing software here on Freelance With Us, but this is one of the most popular.

How to Choose Writing Software: Sorting It All Out

As a writer, there are a plethora of writing software tools available and if you’ve shopped around at all you’ve probably come away overwhelmed by the choices. One main difference is the purpose of the software. In this article, we’ll try to clarify the different types of writing software available. The categorized lists will help […]

Word Versus LaTex: Word Processing Stand-off

Those familiar with using word processing software may know that it replaced the typewriter, which in a way it certainly did. Back in the day, there were manual typewriters, and then electric typewriters replaced later by electric word processor machines and duplicating machines. But back when typewriters were more prevalent, there was also something in […]

Word versus Google Docs: Offline vs Online Word Processing

Word processing has come a long way. Before word processing software and computers came word processor machines. Before that electric typewriters and even manual typewriters. Manual typewriters are mostly found in museums now, but they may be hiding in your attic or the bottom of a dusty closet. If the thought of typing on a […]

Corel WordPerfect Versus MS Word: Which is Best?

The main reason to make use of word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect is so that you can effectively share ideas and thoughts. When it comes to documentation of events, historical facts, thoughts, and ideas, our world has evolved from an oral documentation society to a written documentation society. And thus, with […]

Free Word Processors for Mac: 7 of the Best

A writer is only as good as his or her tools. And when it comes to writing tools, Mac often leads the way. A Macbook is the dream system if your work involves anything to do with graphics and images. It is often the goal for anyone with a creative streak, but Apple Pages isn’t a […]

MS Word Alternatives: The Best 12 on the Market

It’s no secret that aspiring writers, and sometimes even published authors are living on a shoestring budget. I’ve also talked to many writers who are reluctantly using MS Word for writing because they were “forced” into using it because the word processor they loved dearly was no longer supported. In the 1990’s, in fact, many […]

Word vs Scrivener: Reviews and Comparisons

The first thing to know when comparing software programs like Word vs Scrivener is that it’s important to make sure you know what kind of tasks the software program will complete, as well as what you want to use it for. When comparing writing software, make sure you aren’t comparing apples to oranges. All software […]

Best Writing Software (Best of 2016)

If you’ve read our blog before, you know that we’ve covered some of the best websites and apps for freelance writers. It can be confusing to find the right software, with an ever-widening variety of software that serves every writing function available. But how do you find the software that increases your workflow while avoiding the needless bells […]

What is the Best Word Processor?: Our Top Five

What is the Best Word Processor?: Our Top Five Few writers prefer the feel of pen and paper, these days, even for a first draft. There are so many word processing programs out there that make life easier, and this is true whether you’re writing for yourself or for a client. Most of these programs […]

Writer’s Toolkit: Essential Software

Writer’s Toolkit: Essential Software No matter what type of writing you specialize in, there are a myriad of things that can slow down the process. Access to top notch tools and resources can help you organize ideas, polish your writing, and stay on task. If you are looking to add essential software or apps to […]