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How to Improve Your English Grammar

The internet is loaded with average content that can be amazing with just a few simple tweaks. Whether it’s a featured magazine article, ad copy, website content, a blog post, report, or eBook, your written content is your best chance to make a good impression on your readers. One way to transform average written content […]

Write About What You DON’T Know

There’s a fountain located in downtown Ashland, Oregon, which is the home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, or the OSF. For ten months a year, the OSF brings a cavalcade of tourists through this small town eager to see every interpretation and play of the famous playwright from Stratford-upon-Avon. However, there’s another attraction to this […]

The Art of Writing Without Writing

“Madge, I want to you to take dictation.” Have you ever watched those old black-and-white films, where a stern-looking CEO demands his secretary to fastidiously scribble notes based on his ramblings while pacing around his extravagant office? It’s a tempting thought, but the idea of having someone who not only took my every word, but […]

Stop Procrastinating: Techniques for Writing

One of the most frustrating things a writer can experience is having the mental faucet cut off. Surely you’ve experienced this scenario: you’re typing away, hot on the heels of an idea. Another idea presents itself in your mind’s eye, more appealing than what you’re currently working on. While deciding to ignore it or save […]