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CreateSpace Review: Best Self-Publishing Service?

Actors dream of “seeing their name in lights” or on the big screen. Writers dream of seeing their name featured prominently on a book cover or on the New York Times Bestseller list. Many years ago, I had a friend who had written a novel. I was one of her early readers and got to […]

Christian Book Publishers: Publish Your Religious Novel

It can be difficult and overwhelming for authors looking to navigate the publishing world. Most authors enlist the help of an agent, but even if you’re set on finding an agent, it doesn’t hurt for you to know the basics about the publishing world. That way you can monitor the trends and you can stay […]

How to Publish a Book: A Guide

There are few careers like that of an author. The process of writing a book is often arduous and time-consuming. After the book is completed, the struggle doesn’t end there. How do I get this thing published? In the past, publishing a book was an involved process that required industry gatekeepers and barriers to entry […]

Make Money Online: How to Publish an eBook

“Hey, you should write a book!” Ever hear this from a well-meaning family member or friend? They may have good intentions, but what happens if you don’t have a book? To an amateur’s eye, you may not be considered a writer if you aren’t published. Scoff all you want, but the same may hold true […]