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What does it take to get an agent? What do you need to do and how can you find one when you’re ready? This is the information that we aim to cover in this section of the Freelance With Us website.

There are countless of agents out there and if you’re ready to find one yourself then we can help you to make the step. The get an agent articles on the Freelance With Us website will guide you through every step of the way. This is one of the most popular topics on this website and one that most of our writers have covered at one point or another.

As a result, you will find advice from authors who have already made the leap and have an agent, as well as ones who are still trying themselves. This is the sort of diversity that you need to really help you make the next step when acquiring an agent.

Children’s Book Literary Agents In The US

Everyone loves a good children’s book. So, if this is the genre you write in, you are in great company. What’s more, the outlook is stable, and this is one of the most profitable genres if you get it right. When writing children’s books, it’s always a good idea to make sure you understand the […]

Science Fiction Literary Agents in the US

Science fiction and fantasy are infinitely popular with readers of just about any age group. If you are writing in this genre, the outlook for sales seems solid for many decades. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s much harder to find a fresh perspective. You must know your genre and exceed […]

Non-Fiction Literary Agents in the US

The competition is fierce for non-fiction writers in today’s publishing industry. Not only are they competing against non-fiction books that have gone through the traditional publishing process, but they also have self-published writers to worry about. Self-publishing and e-book technology has opened the floodgates of writers for both fiction and nonfiction books. To make sure […]

YA Literary Agents in the US: The Best YA Agents

When it comes to writing for a young adult audience, there is a lot to take into consideration. Many people mistakenly believe that young adult is a genre of writing, it is not. YA is an age range, and one that covers a broad spectrum of genres. As a writer, you can write for young […]

Literary Agents in Los Angeles: Get an Agent in LA

When it comes to finding a literary agent, especially if you want to write for TV, Los Angeles is a hub of talented agents. If you dream of writing scripts for TV or screenplays for film and you don’t live in the City of Angels, it’s time to pack-up and move. Connections are crucial in […]

Literary Agents in New York: Get an Agent in NY

If you’re like most aspiring writers, you’ve probably poured blood, sweat, tears—and yes, a lot of cold hard cash—into writing your first manuscript. But it’s done. It’s over. Against what you felt like were insurmountable odds, you finished a book. You are content, at first, to pat yourself on the back and casually mention to […]