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Technical Writing Jobs: What is Technical Writing

Technical writing involves any kind of complex information, procedures, or processes where there is a need to communicate them in a concise and simple way. One key component of technical writing is that it enables readers to accomplish a specific task, set of tasks, or goal. Technical writing jobs are available on many freelancing platforms, […]

Starting a Freelance Business: What you Need to Do

Three types of people think about starting a freelance business. The first is the planner. Planners want all their ducks in a row before starting a new venture. They want to make sure that all their bases are covered, and that they’re not going to be left struggling financially in case of an emergency or […]

How to Become a Writer (and why you would want to)

Consider this: Everywhere you look, from the banners plastered across Los Angeles to the playbills they hand out on Broadway, from form letters cancelling your cable to those sweet sweet royalty statement from Amazon,  the answer’s pretty clear: Someone had to write that, right? And that someone is you, dear reader. You’ve been a writer […]

Make Money from Home: Find Work on Craigslist

Looking to find work on Craigslist? This is something that FWU’s own PJ Aitken joked about in his book, The Online Writer’s Companion, but even he conceded that there are benefits to this site if you are a freelancer. And in this article, I’ll show you some of the ways that you can use this […]

Guru Versus Freelancer

When it comes to third party freelancing websites, there are plenty of them out there to choose from if you are looking to land some editing, writing, or other writing related work. It can be difficult to know which freelance writing sites are worth the time it takes to create a profile, build your portfolio, […]