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Non-Fiction Literary Agents in the US

The competition is fierce for non-fiction writers in today’s publishing industry. Not only are they competing against non-fiction books that have gone through the traditional publishing process, but they also have self-published writers to worry about. Self-publishing and e-book technology has opened the floodgates of writers for both fiction and nonfiction books. To make sure […]

YA Literary Agents in the US: The Best YA Agents

When it comes to writing for a young adult audience, there is a lot to take into consideration. Many people mistakenly believe that young adult is a genre of writing, it is not. YA is an age range, and one that covers a broad spectrum of genres. As a writer, you can write for young […]

Christian Book Publishers: Publish Your Religious Novel

It can be difficult and overwhelming for authors looking to navigate the publishing world. Most authors enlist the help of an agent, but even if you’re set on finding an agent, it doesn’t hurt for you to know the basics about the publishing world. That way you can monitor the trends and you can stay […]

Literary Agents in New York: Get an Agent in NY

If you’re like most aspiring writers, you’ve probably poured blood, sweat, tears—and yes, a lot of cold hard cash—into writing your first manuscript. But it’s done. It’s over. Against what you felt like were insurmountable odds, you finished a book. You are content, at first, to pat yourself on the back and casually mention to […]

How to Get An Agent: Finding and Getting an Agent

How to Get an Agent In a recent article title Do I Need an Agent? I discussed how essential agents are in this day and age and gave some tips on how to get an agent. If you have been struggling to find an agent, then you probably didn’t want to hear any of that. […]