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Reflective Essays: What Is, How to Write, Examples

In a previous article, we talked about narrative essays. A narrative essay is one which tells a story, and is usually written from the author’s point of view. Reflective essays are similar to narrative essays in that they’re typically written in the first person. But there are differences between the two. Let’s explore reflective essays […]

The Narrative Essay: What is, Example/Sample and More

In previous articles, we’ve covered a broad overview of the different types of essays you may encounter as a freelancer. But, as promised, we’d like to continue by explaining in more detail what each of these essays entails. The narrative essay is one of the most commonly written types of essays. These are usually very […]

Essay Examples: What are the Different Types of Essays?

As a writer, you’re probably going to be tasked with writing more than one essay. In fact, if you haven’t written an essay lately, read on. Essays are a great addition to every writer’s portfolio. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a peek at different types of essays; we’ll leave it up to […]

Essay Guidelines: A Sample Essay

In a previous article on Essay Writing Tips, I explored some of the best ways to begin writing your essay. I then finished with a promise of an essay sample, and here it is! This essay sample comes complete with all essay guidelines and should be able to help you complete your essay as it […]

Essay Writing Tips: A Guide to Writing Essays

Essay Writing Tips Every writer’s arsenal should include the skill of essay writing. There are many different occasions where essay writing tips like the ones below might come in handy. A well-written essay can aid you during a job interview, when writing a speech, or even when giving a eulogy. So, with that in mind, […]