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There are a number of tips and advice sections here on the Freelance With Us website. However, because this site is owned and run by freelancers, many of them relate to freelance writing. However, this section is a little more specific. This section focuses entirely on author tips. That includes traditionally published authors looking to make more money, as well as self-published authors looking to sell more copies.

If you’re not sure how to make it in either of those games, then this section can also help with that. These articles have been written by professional, traditionally published authors like PJ Aitken, as well as self-published authors who have achieved a wealth of success in both fiction and nonfiction genres. So, checkout our author tips and get the advice that you need to succeed.

If you can’t find what you need here, there are many more sections on the Freelance With Us website that can help.

Brainstorming: Write to Focus Your Ideas

Brainstorming: Write to Focus Your Ideas Recently, I worked for a client who needed help finishing up a novel after several failed attempts. The end product finally appeared a month later, which came with a mixture of relief… and agony. The client was happy to have it finished. However, at almost 100,000 words, it was clearly bloated. […]

Story Hooks: Good Hooks for Stories

A good story can escort us from our everyday life and transport us—for a little while at least—into another world. All our worries fade, and time stands still. If you’ve experienced this yourself, you no doubt remember it well. You can probably tell me every detail of how that book ended and how it made […]

Book Press Release: How to Write and Distribute

Finally finished your book? Writing it may have seemed like half the battle, with layout and editing following shortly thereafter. But, guess what? You’re still not done. The real work has only just begun! You have to get the word out by creating a press release. Crafting an eye-catching press release is vital to getting […]

Literary Agents in New York: Get an Agent in NY

If you’re like most aspiring writers, you’ve probably poured blood, sweat, tears—and yes, a lot of cold hard cash—into writing your first manuscript. But it’s done. It’s over. Against what you felt like were insurmountable odds, you finished a book. You are content, at first, to pat yourself on the back and casually mention to […]

Writers’ Workshop: 10 Tips for Beginners

Writers’ Workshop Writing is easy, and that’s why so many people are doing it. But the definition of writing successfully is different for everyone, and that’s why being successful in the industry is such a difficult thing to achieve. There quite simply isn’t a magic pill or answer. While a writers’ workshop can be infinitely […]

Author Tips: Writing a Book

Author Tips As anyone who has ever attempted it can attest, writing a book is not easy. If the sheer work involved isn’t enough to scare you off, trying to keep you subject matter, characters, form, and other elements can be downright mind-boggling. We’ve covered this topic before in our How to Write a Novel […]

Tips for Writing: Improve Your Writing

10 Tips for Writing Writing is a strange beast. There are rules about how to do it right, but there is also an element of inherent creativity that compels writers to do what works or what feels right. Here are 10 tips for writing that will help you write more often and create engaging content […]

Best Author Websites: Improve Your Craft

There are so many things to learn if you are interested in becoming a great writer. The first thing you will learn is writers never truly stop learning. There will always be ways that you can better express yourself and better engage your readers. Who knows better what you’re struggling with, when trying to improve […]