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This section of the Freelance With Us website is fairly self explanatory. It contains information on writing contests from 2017 (surprise surprise!).

Actually, as this is a very specific topic and one that we can’t do a lot with, you may only find a single article or two below. This is a tag page on the Freelance With Us website, which means that it contains all articles that reference the above topic and relate to it in some way. As FWU is all about writing tips, writing advice and more, we tend to lean more toward ways of helping you to become a writer rather than ways of helping to to win a few contests.

Still, these 2017 writing contests are still worth checking out. There are many ways to make money as a writer that don’t revolve around freelancing, and this is one of them. So, get out there and start making money.

Fiction Writing Contests: How to Win (Tips and More)

It’s probably going to come off sounding a bit condescending, but we wanted to take a minute to congratulate you. To us, there’s very little that’s more heartwarming than to see a younger person interested in writing. Now, we have no idea if you’re writing as a hobby or writing to ignore your math instructor. […]

Writing Contests for Teens: Enter, Win, Learn

When I was in high school, my sister and I used to play a little game. We’d write poems to each other in the style of William Carlos Williams. The poems proved most useful in injecting some love into a crap situation. For example: This Is Just to Say By Shana Thompson I have taken your shoes […]

Writing Contests 2017 (Sell Short Stories, Poems)

Curious about writing contests in 2017? If you paid attention to any of the blogs we’ve written on freelancewithus.com, you may have noticed that we’ve touched upon writing competitions in the past. As a way of finding extra income and accolades as a writer, submitting your work for writing contests can be a valid endeavor for […]