Scrivener Free Trial Research (Review of this Free Writing Program)

Scrivener Free Trial

Trying something out before you invest is a great concept, right? When you go into the store or surf the web and see something that looks cool and seems great, it’d be nice to know somehow in advance it’s going to work for you. If you’ve ever bought something online without a free trial or had a free trial run out before you had the chance to use the product and know it was right for you, you’re in for a real treat with the Scrivener free trial.

Scrivener Free Trial Research

First, the Scrivener free trial is for a full thirty days. That’s plenty of time for you to play around with the software. It gives you time to know that it’s going to work for you before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

Second, if you have a WIP in your word processor, you can import that document into the free trial of your Scrivener software. This import function is great because you get to see hands-on how it will work with your manuscript without any retyping at all!

Choose from different project templates including:

  • Blank (the foundation of all other templates)
  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Poetry & Lyrics
  • Scriptwriting
  • Miscellaneous

Additional templates including photo albums are available as well as other options and settings to manage the book writing process.

There are also many different Scrivener tutorials on YouTube. You can watch these tutorials for free and see how different writers use Scrivener to help them write their fiction and nonfiction books. To help you figure out whether the Scrivener Free Trial is something you’d like to consider, here’s a quick rundown of included features.

Full Features Available in Scrivener Free Trial:

  • Templates to help you organize to industry standards
  • Binder-Organization element for your project which contains documents, photos, research notes, etc.
  • Folders for Characters, Research, or anything else
  • Corkboard with Virtual Index Cards for visual mind mapping
  • Inspector for powerful metadata searches and filtering
  • Multiple Viewing Modes that update instantly

What Does Scrivener Do?

The process of giving life to a book is complex, often sporadic and loosely organized if at all. Whether writing fiction or nonfiction, it can often seem more like a mind dump of words. A recording of information with no apparent rhyme or reason. Attempts to artificially structure this process, through outlines or outlining software, works for some writers but fails miserably for others.

So along comes Scrivener. It works for those who thrive on order and structured outlines. But it works as well if not better for those who live in a world of chaos and disorganized writing process.

Writers like me, who have pockets, purses, and car consoles full of napkins with furiously scribbled notes about a book idea, praise it. For the writers who fill the backs of bill envelopes with notes about character traits observed on the subway or dialogue overheard in the grocery store, Scrivener brings relief and confirmation. For those who get up in the middle of the night to write down a story idea because you can’t sleep until you do, Scrivener captures those.

If you are a writer that lives in a world of spontaneity and chaos. Or if your ideas or scenes resemble a mountain goat jumping peak to peak, Scrivener is confirmation that your writing process is NOT broken. Finally, there is a system that can help both planners and “pantsers” capture the writing process more efficiently.

Multiple View Document Modes

With the ability to view and edit your manuscript in different ways, yet simultaneously update changes into your document, Scrivener meets the needs of all types of writers. Writers who excel at the outlining process can do most of their writing in that mode. But writers who lean toward visual process will love the index cards in the corkboard view.

  1. Document/Editing View-Traditional document editing interface for the most part
  2. Corkboard Mode-index cards with title and synopsis great for scenes; great for plotting. Index cards open corresponding documents in the binder. Order in the hierarchy rearranges automatically when you drag and drop index cards
  3. Outliner/List Mode—shows index and corkboard in outline mode (can also edit here and changes save to other windows too)
  4. Editing Scrivenings view—lets you see Chapters and Scenes together and edit in a way that updates across the board as you go.

Views feature a drag and drop function to make reordering and rearranging text simple and frustration free. If you’ve ever cut scenes or chapters when reorganizing and gotten distracted before you could paste into the new location, this function is a lifesaver!

Scrivener Users Rave Reviews

The Scrivener testimonial page of their website overflows with a plethora of lengthy testimonials from users who praise the software and its developers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many sincere, authentic testimonials from such a diverse group of users all in one place before. Many of the testimonials reveal that those who tried the software paid for the full version BEFORE their thirty-day Scrivener free trial was over.

“Scrivener gives you the freedom to make a mess, the confidence to know you’ll clean it up, and the semantic relationships to tie it all together in whatever way makes the most sense to you.” Merlin Mann, an indie writer, broadcaster, and speaker.

“I’ve been a Scrivener disciple from the very beginning and will continue to be. Great Job!”Elaine Sims, author of Checks and Balances.

Created by a writer, perhaps the magic of Scrivener comes straight from just that one truth. Based on the key idea that it’s easier to work on large documents in small pieces, Scrivener didn’t come from a businessperson looking for profit. It wasn’t created by a company looking to one-up the competition. Scrivener came from a writer. A writer whose sole intent was to serve his personal writing needs. To somehow capture the words and stories in his mind in a better way.

One man acted on a desire to transform his thoughts into the stories he so desperately needed to tell. I’ve only just begun the Scrivener free trial. But it seems this man and his small team of developers have all but revolutionized the writing world.

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