Rent a Coder Reviews: Honest Review of this Service

Rent a Coder Reviews

Here on Freelance With Us, we primarily hear from readers who are in the editing and writing professions. And we tailor our website to suit you – offering reviews of services and products like SEO companies, self publishing services and software programs. It’s with freelance writers in mind that we wanted to bring you a Rent a Coder review, as well.

As you know, we’re headed more and more toward a freelancing economy. Coders, writers, web designers and even transportation professionals are becoming increasingly present in the freelancing world.

As a freelancer, you likely wear many hats. You may be entrusted to set up a WordPress site, or to edit html for a client. And, chances are, you don’t know how to do everything. One of the best aspects of our jobs as freelancers is that we’re enabled to accept new challenges, then learn in the process of completing them. But you can’t do it all, and on rare occasions you may find yourself outsourcing.

We’d heard of Rent a Coder, and were curious about the services they offered. Here’s what we found out about the service.

Rent a Coder

Coding is tricky. It’s literally a language, and that language has been developed over years and years – ever since the invention of the computer. So if you didn’t get into coding early, it may take a while for you to catch up.

You spend the majority of your time writing or editing, not learning how to code. Chances are, you didn’t go to school to learn to code, either. So if you find yourself tasked with the more technical aspect of freelancing, you may feel helpless.

Rent a Coder was designed to help you in that situation. You can hire coders on platforms like Upwork and Guru. But Rent a Coder was specifically created to help coders find freelance work, and for professionals and others to find the help they need with technical projects.

So is Rent a Coder really helpful? Would you be better off going to one of the larger platforms, like Upwork or Fiverr? Here’s what the Rent a Coder reviews have to say.

Rent a Coder Reviews for Freelancers

We at Freelance With Us have an exceptional team of technical help. If you’ve been visiting for a while, you know that every now and then we’ll experience a glitch, but those issues are fixed almost immediately.

Not everyone is so lucky, and we know that you may find yourself in need of help from time to time. The first thing we noticed about Rent a Coder is how small the site is. On the front page, there were only a handful of jobs posted by clients looking for work. That said, if you’re not a writer but instead are looking for work as a coder or other technical job, you may have a bit of trouble finding work. We saw, and Rent a Coder reviews agreed, that the bigger sites offer a much better chance of landing a gig.

Furthermore, as a worker, you’re charged a 7.5% fee for your services. This is, of course, much smaller than Upwork’s 20% initial fee, but the free service doesn’t offer many options for coders. You can’t post a portfolio, you can’t exchange contact details with your prospective client, and you can’t see others’ bids. All you can do is bid.

If you choose to “upgrade” to the basic or premium accounts, you’ll be paying a monthly fee of $7 or $30, respectively. Your options increase, but you’re not guaranteed a job. That’s a steep price to pay for a freelancer.

Finally, the competition is fierce. Like the other platforms, you’re competing with freelancers around the world, and the pay is minimal. Projects are cancelled, unrealistic projects are posted and sorting through the posts is time consuming. You may do better as a freelancer to use a larger site.

Rent a Coder Review for Clients

If you’re a client looking for a coder or technical help on the site, there are Rent a Coder reviews for you as well. As a matter of fact, you can pretty much take the Rent a Coder review for freelancers and reverse it.

As a client, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a global market, and the coder you communicate may not speak the same language that you natively speak. Miscommunication can lead to disappointment. Rent a Coder reviews have expressed that you’ll need to be very descriptive about what you’ll need. Otherwise the projects can drag out, or not be completed at all.

The competition is tough for coding freelancers. With that in mind, before you post a job consider the number of bids you’ll receive. Interview your freelancer carefully, and make sure that she or he has the expertise you’re looking for.

For clients, contact information is still not allowed to be shared. However, you’ll encounter no fees and no membership is required. You can post as many jobs as you need without limit. Life is good for you as a client on the site, and the Rent a Coder reviews all agree.

The number of freelancers who come to Rent a Coder is still small. If you’re looking for someone who works as a full time freelancer, you may have better success on a larger site. But if you’re looking for a one-time project to be completed, Rent a Coder might work out well for you.

Should I Sign Up for Rent a Coder?

Whether you’re a coder or a client, there are certainly bigger, more viable options for coding work. You know how much success we’ve had with Upwork. Guru is another option, and there are sites which were specifically launched as a platform for technical jobs. ProBlogger (which is great for writers, too) and the Mashable job board even has a section devoted to freelance technical work.

Rent a Coder reviews are largely positive, except for the size of the site. Feel free to sign up for the site with a free account, but we recommend you give it a thorough look-through before you sign up with a paid account or post a job as a client.

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