The Online Writer’s Companion: An Update

The Online Writer's Companion

Freelance With Us was never supposed to be my site. At least, not entirely. I created this site in anticipation of my book, The Online Writer’s Companion, being released. I had already published fiction under two different pen names and had typical author websites for both of them (including David Jester). This was a new book and a new pen name, but I didn’t want to create just another bland author site, so FWU was born.

The whole purpose of this site was to give myself a platform to talk shit, to rant about clients and maybe to pass on some tips. But then it became something else. There are a handful of other writers on this site now, all writing unique content. In fact, all of them are writing more content than I do.

So, just to prove that I do still exist, I figured I would post an update to discuss the book and the site. A lot has happened and there is a lot to get through. So if at any point you get bored and leave, I won’t hold it against you.

The Online Writer’s Companion

One of the difficult things about promoting The Online Writer’s Companion was trying to avoid making it sound like one of those “Make Money From Home” ads, the ones that always seem to involve a smug looking guy standing in front of a sports car and prattling on about “one-time offers” and “life-changing information”. I wanted to market the book based on the idea that you can earn a six figure salary while doing what you love (assuming you love writing and working hard, because no one’s going to pay you to watch TV and masturbate) so it wasn’t easy to avoid that.

And when I tried to avoid it, omitting the mention of a big salary and making the book sound like a reference book that could be used by professionals, some of the comments I received were along the lines of, “I’m a writer, and I’m broke; how can you expect me to pay $20 when I can’t afford rent?” The indignation was high in this one. I could almost see her hammering her keyboard in disgust as she pictured me lighting Cuban cigars with $100 bills and burning effigies of poor people (which was only half true).

I literally couldn’t win.

So, I tried a different approach. I had been freelancing for just a couple years before writing the book, but I wrote thousands of articles in that time, as well as all kinds of website content, brand content and other copyrighting that I didn’t really know anything about before taking the job, but passed myself off as an expert on nevertheless. With all of that experience, it only made sense to offer to write guest posts, editorials and other content.

These editorials covered all kinds of tips, including guides on freelancing and self-publishing. There is a lot more information in the book of course (although I would say that), but these guides can still give you a little insight into freelancing. I mean, I’d still prefer you buy my book (I need to pay for those Cuban cigars somehow) but free advice is free advice.

Social Media and the Freelancing Community

Away from the features mentioned above, I gave away free copies of The Online Writer’s Companion. At the time of writing, you can still find one of these giveaways on Goodreads (it will run until January 2017) and I am also planning one for the Freelance With Us Facebook page.

Just like the rest of the Freelance With Us website, the Facebook page is growing very steadily. There is also a Twitter account, but I have neglected that somewhat. It’s all coming together though and by continuing to read this site, by following the other writers and listening to my ramblings, you’re helping it to grow.

Once we hit the next milestone, I will launch the Freelance With Us forum. This has already been created and is just sitting in wait. I understand that a forum is nothing revolutionary. But I’m hoping that this will give aspiring freelancers a chance to put their questions directly to the experts. All of the FWU writers will use the forum, including myself.

Speaking of which…

Write for Us

As things stand, content is being added to FWU at least every other day. Right now there are 150+ articles from 4 different writers, covering everything from the best writing software to the best freelancing platforms.

If you would like to write for us, then feel free to send your snippets across. The Write for Us page has been buried in the About Us section to avoid spam applications, but they have still gotten through. To date, we’ve had hundreds of requests and haven’t been able to accept any of them.

However, only 2 of those requests actually followed the guidelines. More than half of them didn’t include their email address, so we couldn’t get back in touch. Many of them simply plagiarised content from other websites, while others sent content not relating to writing/freelancing.

So, if you’re interested in joining the team, take a look at our Write for Us page and get in touch.

One More Thing

Just one more shameless plug: The Online Writer’s Companion, which was written to help others become high-earning freelancers (including writers, designers, coders and anything else you want to be) is available from all major bookstores. You can get it online and you can get it offline (if your local bookstore doesn’t have it, just ask them to order it in). It’s actually much cheaper on sites like Wordery than it is on Amazon, and you can also get it cheaper through the Amazon Marketplace.

The Online Writer’s Companion is available in both eBook and paperback.

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