Paper Writing Service Reviews: Why You Shouldn’t Use Them

Paper Writing Service Reviews

Life is chaotic and busy even for the best of us. Many students are working part-time or full-time jobs, may already be parenting children, or have the added responsibilities of taking care of a sick or disabled family member. For those who are students, whether it be high school, undergraduate, or graduate, it can be tempting to take shortcuts when it comes to paper writing. Paper writing services are happy to take your money and in exchange provide you with a paper on the topic you choose.

Paper Writing Service Reviews

Believe it or not, an entire industry is built around paper writing services. Some services specialize in writing essays, others may focus on writing higher level academic content such as research papers and even MA thesis papers. Students can use a paper writing service when they are struggling with a topic academically but also if they just don’t have time to research and write the paper because of competing demands on their time.

You may think that students who choose to use paid paper writing services do so because they aren’t smart enough to write their own paper. But in reality, students who use paper writing services are just as varied as in any other service industry. Students who use paper writing services come from all socioeconomic status levels and many of them are in areas like New York, California, and Texas, where some of the better colleges are located.

Paper Writing Services: Why to Avoid Reason 1

Reasons why you shouldn’t use a paper writing service abound. The biggest reason of course is it is morally or at least ethically wrong. As a student, one of the agreed upon tenets is that you are doing your own work and the grade you get is a reflection of your academic understanding of the topics. When you pay for a paper writing service, college, and university professors across the board will categorically call that cheating.

The research paper or essay you buy may be unique and not plagiarized, and a professor may not be able to prove you didn’t write it, but it’s still cheating. You are paying someone else to do the work you agreed to do when you became a student. And when you turn it in, you are putting your name on it and thus, taking credit for someone else’s work. If you are caught using someone else’s work, you will face the penalties. Most colleges and universities are desperately trying to crack down on the use of paper writing services. If you are caught using one, expulsion from school could be just one of the penalties.

Paper Writing Services: Why to Avoid Reason 2

The second reason you shouldn’t use a paper writing service is that you cheat yourself. Your professor assigns you to write an essay, a research paper, or a thesis paper because the work involved in the research, the organization, and writing of a well written argument teaches you something. It advances your writing skills and it enhances your understanding and knowledge about the topic. When you pay someone else to research and write the paper you were assigned to write, you don’t learn what the professor intended you to learn. You cheat yourself out of the learning opportunity.

Using a paper writing service has real consequences. At any given time, hundreds of paper writing services are available online. It is an industry that focuses on bringing in money. Prices for essay and thesis writing services vary widely across the country and around the world. When you order, and pay for a paper writing service, you don’t know who it is that will actually be researching and writing your paper.

For example, many of the paper writing services use freelancers, who they hire, sight unseen, from third party websites. The paper writing service will tell you that their writers are qualified professionals but you never know what “qualified” means. There may in fact, be some professors who work for these essay writing services, but more often than not, the writers are paid freelancers.

And in some cases, they are freelancers with no actual experience or degree related to your essay or thesis topic. I know this because I found myself writing landing pages for an essay writing service when I first started freelancing. They continually asked me to write essays and papers but I refused. In fact, I felt so conflicted about writing the landing pages that I eventually ended my contract with the company.

Paper Writing Services Reviews

Finally, consider the financial risk that you take in using a paper writing service. You are required to pay in advance for your essay, research paper, or thesis paper. Some students have paid hundreds of dollars, possibly more depending on the length of the paper and the number of sources cited. When you hand over your funds, you lack the guarantee of satisfactory results.

Here are just some of the errors that could be in your completed paper when you receive it:

  1. Duplicated sentences
  2. Spelling mistakes
  3. Grammatical errors
  4. Awkward phrasing as if written by someone for whom English is their second language
  5. Partially or even fully plagiarized content
  6. Poorly organized work
  7. Unsupported arguments
  8. Inadequately cited evidence

Another reason you shouldn’t use a paper writing service has to do with the stress of a deadline. While I was reading other paper writing service reviews, I realized that many students spend so many hours trying to find a legitimate paper writing service, only to be disappointed in the end.

One student, working for will contest lawyers, indicated that paper he received was over 90% plagiarized with other content on the web. Another student claimed they received a paper full of errors that a student in grade school would know to correct. Why spend all that time looking for someone to write your paper and worrying about whether it will be done in time?

Paper Writing Services Reviews: Final Say

Save yourself the stress, headaches, and financial loss by writing your essay or research paper yourself! When it comes down to it, writing your own essay isn’t that hard. Writing it yourself makes the rest of the course easier because you learn the lesson the professor feels you need to learn by doing the assignment. And in fact, if you do write the paper yourself, you don’t need to pay anyone. So, use the money you would have paid to the paper writing service to reward yourself for a job well done!

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