Online Writing Jobs in 2017: Freelancing Portals, Classifieds and More

Online Writing Jobs 2017

When most people think of writers, they think of fiction writers like J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, Agatha Christie, C.S. Lewis, or Louis L’Amour. Of course, there are also nonfiction writers such as Henry David Thoreau, Steven Covey, Mark Twain or Stephen Hawking. These are all well-known authors who get paid to write the content we love to read.

But there are tons of online writing jobs that don’t garner as much publicity as being a famous author. While you may aspire to one day be the next Stephen King, if you’re like most people, your main focus is to pay bills and put food on the table.

If you can learn to harness your knowledge or experience and get paid to write in the meantime, that’s a win-win that you just can’t turn down.

Types of Writing Jobs

There are so many different types of online writing jobs out there that our list below will barely scratch the surface. The cool part about written content is that with the technology available today, it can be done to the same quality from an office cubicle, your home den, or while sipping umbrella drinks on the beach.

Specialized Online Writing Jobs

Suffice to say, if you’re persistent enough, you can find an online writing job that will let you write about anything. Below are just a few of the actual job titles of writing related jobs:

  • Professional Bio Writer
  • Grant Writer
  • Script Writer
  • Product Description Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Sports Writer
  • Travel Writer
  • Assessment Writer
  • Science/Technical Writer
  • Digital Journalist
  • Attorney, Researcher & Writer
  • Resume Writer
  • Cause Marketing Writer
  • Musical Review Writer

Where Can I Find Online Writing Opportunities?

Below I have listed few places to find online writing jobs. You can also simply search through the FWU website, where you will find much more information on this subject, including an FAQ where we invite you to write for us.

Directories of Writer’s Markets

If your dream has always been to be write and be published by a well-known publishing house, then you may want to focus your job search on traditional writers’ markets. Instead of ferreting them each out one by one, peruse Writers’ Market Directory sites like the ones below:

  • Writers Digest-Writers Market
  • All Indie Writers
  • Writers Write Fiction Markets

Job Boards

The best thing about online job boards is that companies submit job postings, so these are more often up to date. Many times, you can apply for a position directly through the job board. Traditionally these job boards are primarily for brick and mortar type positions but times are changing. These days more listings for online writing jobs and remote writing jobs are available.

If you know how to search quickly for what you want, these job boards can be one source of online writing jobs and freelance work. When searching for jobs, use the terms such as “online writing” or “freelance writing” to find online jobs for writers. Terms like “remote work,” and telecommute are also good search terms to try.

General Job Boards

Niche Job Boards that Specialize in Writing Related Jobs

Job Search Engines for Online Writing Jobs

These can sometimes be out of date, so pay attention to dates on job descriptions and check other sources before you apply. Job search engines are a slightly different animal than job boards. The sites below don’t get open job postings directly from the employers. Instead, they use search engines to pull job openings from other places on the Internet.

Blogging Websites: Get Paid to Guest Post

Blogging has become a huge trend and can be a great way for writers to earn money. If you have a blog of your own that is connected to your social media sites, then getting paid to guest post is just one of many great online writing jobs you can consider.

Paying Writers Markets

Submitting directly to writers’ markets is great because you can write about things that interest you. However, it involves a little upfront work on your part. Also, researching of paying writers’ markets is time-consuming, and for those outside the publishing industry, it can be overwhelming and frustrating to find new leads.

The drawback to submitting directly to a writers’ market is a rejection of your pitch. Some guidelines request completed articles or manuscripts upfront, and if rejected, it means no money for all that work. On the bright side, you will have a completed piece you can tweak and submit to a similar market which may accept it.

The good news is that if you can write well and can follow submission guidelines closely, you stand a good chance of making decent money eventually. Below is just a handful of the paying writers’ markets you can use to find online writing jobs:

Paid Gig Listings

If searching the Internet for writers’ markets that will pay you to write content just isn’t your thing, do not despair. There are people out there who have turned their skill for finding places that pay writers into their life’s work. Paid gig listings from others can be a HUGE time saver when you are looking for online writing jobs. By monitoring these paid gig listings regularly, you can see who’s paying writers and for what kind of content. Check out the ones below:


Online Writing Job Membership Sites for a Fee

Third Party Freelance Job Sites

These are sites like Guru, Upwork, and Freelancer. The big difference here is that these websites are platforms set up and run by the third party to match employers and freelancers.

The good news is that there are TONS of writing and writing-related jobs on these third party freelance sites. The bad news is that you are competing with tons of other freelancers from around the world which makes it harder to find the higher paying gigs.
Lots of very successful writers start out this way, but most of them will tell you to move on to bigger and better writing markets as soon as you feel able.

A Word About Content Mills

The more well-known content mills are Demand Studio, Textbroker, and Zerys and they submit content to places like eHow, Answerbag,, and You should proceed cautiously in this arena. It’s tempting because it’s relatively easy to sign up and start getting paid to write. But reviewers say that the editors are demanding, and the pay is notoriously low. So, if you choose this option, go into it with your eyes open.

Written content is everywhere, in print and on the web. Whether it’s online news reports, podcasts, news programs or social media posts on Facebook or LinkedIn, content is king right now. Writers for e-commerce websites, corporate and small business websites, and newsletters are constantly in demand.

New content, including self-help blog posts, parenting reports, print flyers, pamphlets, and digital presentations, is published and consumed daily. Whether it’s questions for people taking professional board exams, the next State of the Union speech, or TV and film scripts, someone writes it. The key to finding the best online writing jobs is knowing what you want and where to look for it.

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