OmmWriter Review: Free Text Editing

OmmWriter Review

If you’re a writer who has always dreamed of having a room of your own in which to write but your current situation doesn’t allow for a private writing room, Ommwriter is the next best thing.

In fact, one thing many writers have in common, whether writing for their private journal, a book, or for readers of The New York Times, is the ability to block out the world and just let the words flow onto the page.

Unlike some text editors, Ommwriter is designed just for writers. It’s designed specifically to provide a space for your muse to dance, to unleash your creativity. It’s a plain text editor, but while coders and programmers may be disappointed, writers of all genres will rejoice.

OmmWriter comes in two versions designed to help you recapture the focus that technology and busy schedules have stolen. You can choose the free version (OmmWriter Dana i) or choose to donate (average of $5-$7) to get the codes that will unlock a premium version (Ommwriter Dana ii).

Benefits of Using Free Text Editing Software Include:

  • Increased focus and concentration on the task at hand: writing
  • A relaxed writing space environment with calming background and sounds
  • Text editors use plain text files and require no special tools to open
  • Files are smaller and less complex, great for computers with older operating systems
  • Plain files look the same for everyone, share confidently with an editor or client

OmmWriter Review: Getting Started

Ommwriter is a distraction-free text editor originally designed for Mac which is now available for PC and iPad. Registration for the free version is quick and easy although downloading the software did take an hour or more on my PC.

Ommwriter Review: Private Writing Space

Ommwriter is a free text editing program designed with writers in mind, and this focus is clear almost immediately. Users rave about its ability to provide a distraction-free writing space that lets them focus on writing.

Even those writers who have tried distraction-free tools in the past claim that Ommwriter delivers on its promise and promotes getting words on the page. In fact, in my Ommwriter review process, I found that it operates only in full-screen mode. It’s an “all in or out” approach that helps you to focus on the task at hand.

Those of you who are power multitaskers take heed. Ommwriter takes distraction-free one step beyond FocusWriter, by blocking out your second monitor display in a dual monitor setup. This simple added feature further forces you to devote all your attention to writing.

OmmWriter Review: Make It Your Own

If you’ve used iAWriter or even FocusWriter and found it lacking in some aspect, Ommwriter’s free text editing may just fit the bill. Settings can be changed via the simple pop-up menu which is minimalistic in style and hidden until you mouse over the side of the screen.

Using the menu, you can adjust your type size, choose one of several type styles, and adjust the brightness of the screen. To adjust the position or size of your text box, simply drag to resize and drop it anywhere on the page that is comfortable for you. The ability to adjust the size of the text window, something FocusWriter didn’t offer, was very helpful as the default text box sizes had my old eyes squinting more than was comfortable.

The default background for your private writing room is light gray with a leafless tree in one corner. If that isn’t soothing enough for you, Ommwriter provides a few different background designs and soothing sounds. If you love to tweak, OmmWriter may disappoint; because while you can adjust your settings from several preset options to make it your own, you can’t tweak to the point of distraction.

To further set the mood, you can adjust the volume of the music and even the clicking sound of the keyboard to your preference. As expected, the premium version includes an expanded selection of visual themes and audio options. During my OmmWriter Review process, I discovered testimonials from users that claim you may even find yourself turning on the relaxing sounds when you are doing projects that don’t involve writing!

Ommwriter Review: Final Touches

Keep in mind that Ommwriter is a text editor, and it’s not trying to replace your word processor. If you attempt to use it as a full replacement for Apple Pages or MS Word, you’ll be disappointed. It works very well for its purpose though which is to remove the presentation layer of writing so you can write without editing. Once you’ve gotten your words on the page, use an alternative program for detailed formatting such as page numbers, bullet lists, annotations, hyperlinks, and other polish.

Using the menu to the right of the screen, you can save your file. Ommwriter offers the ability to save in multiple formats including omm, .txt, or pdf files. Keep in mind that you cannot print from Ommwriter. You’ll need to save your file as .txt or pdf and open in another program to print. For more details or to download your basic or premium version, visit Ommwriter Dana.

Overall, the result of my OmmWriter Review is a resounding recommendation. The only frustration you may find is not being able to print directly from the application itself. In most cases, you’ll need to fine tune and edit your document in another program before printing anyway, so it’s only a hindrance for those who write casually or don’t write for publication.

Every writer, regardless of audience or genre, needs something a little different to help them hit that sweet spot. If your muse has been evasive or completely AWOL lately, or if your word processor just isn’t helping you to hit that sweet spot regularly, I highly recommend OmmWriter Dana as a possible solution.

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  • JS Foster says:

    Ha! I could never. Here’s how my writing goes: start project, see shiny new research idea. start project again, look at thesaurus for the perfect word. start project again, remember that i forgot the word. go back to thesaurus, find a better word, go back to project and restructure entire sentence to fit that perfect word i found.
    Distraction-free sounds good in theory, but not sure it would ever work for me.

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