Nevron Review: Chart, Diagram, How to Use, What Is It

Nevron Review

If you’re one of those writers lucky enough to have access to both a Mac and a PC you’ve no doubt noticed that many software programs have different features depending on the device you use. I know as a PC user, I’ve many times experienced “Mac envy”, especially when viewing those Scrivener tutorials. Scrivener just has so many more cool features on a Mac than are available on a PC.

MacOffice users may experience something similar when comparing MacOffice to WinOffice 2016. Software developers are working toward making identical features available between PC and Mac users, and one program which has gotten this right is Nevron Writer.

Nevron Review: What Is it?

Nevron Software is worldwide leader in text processing, UI, and data-visualization solutions for .NET technologies. Nevron Writer is a text processor that was launched in 2014 that is available for Windows, Mac, or Silverlight. Many users swear by it as a simpler but still powerful alternative to MS Word.

If you’re a writer or freelancer with a PC at home and a Mac at work, you’ll be able to move fluidly between the two systems because Nevron Writer functions the same on a Mac as it does on a PC. If you work with clients hung up on using Microsoft Office or the traditional publishing industry, have no fear because MS Word’s latest .docx file format is fully supported by Nevron Writer. In fact, Nevron Writer makes it possible to become a jack-of-all-formats with the ability to open, modify, and save files in .rtf, .txt, .docx, .epub, and .html. With Nevron Writer, you can also export files into a PDF.

If you work with WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, or other blogging platforms, using a text editor, such as Nevron Writer, lets you copy and paste your blog post into any platform that allows direct HTML entry. This saves you the time and effort you would have to spend to learn to use all the editing features in the blogging platform of your choice. If you work with WordPress check out these detailed instructions on how to copy your formatted blog post from Nevron Writer and paste it into your WordPress blog.

For those of you who aren’t tech savvy, the WYSIWYG interface means you can create your vision of your blog or website design in Nevron Writer and send it off to your graphic designer. Graphic designers can work directly from your draft to get just the right colors and fonts and polish it off where you left off. This saves tons of time and can even cut down on the number of revisions needed to make your vision a reality.

Nevron Review: Available Features

Nevron Writer comes with unique text editing features that even worldwide recognized desktop publishing systems don’t have including:

  • Ability to process thousands of documents faster than MS Word without the distractions of a word processor.
  • Advanced text formatting
  • Customized user preferences including choice of Classic toolbar or ribbon interface
  • Padding and margin options for paragraphs or text sections
  • Spellcheck compatible with OpenOffice dictionaries
  • Advanced support for tables
  • Sectioning for document layout for newspaper or magazine
  • Group Blocking allow you to group paragraphs and images together as a single element
  • Supports multiple image formats including JPEG, BMP, PNG, EMF, Animated GIF, GIF, and WMF
  • Ability to save a text document as HTML with inline styling or embedded CSS Style sheets.
  • Convert web pages to editable documents
  • HTML file conversion to PDF with a couple clicks using an Open URL function.

Nevron Review: How To Use

For my Nevron Review, I created a free account and then downloaded the thirty day evaluation version of Nevron writer at The software was relatively quick and easy to download and install.

Nevron Office also offers a free online version of Nevron Writer. The online version requires installation of Silverlight to run and I had trouble with the Silverlight download. If you already have Silverlight installed on your computer, you should be able to access the free online version of Nevron Writer using either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as your browser. Nevron Writer Online is not compatible with Google Chrome at this time.

Once I had the desktop version of Nevron Writer installed on my Windows PC and opened the software, the first thing I noticed was that it looked and felt much like MS Word. You will find several additional formatting features and tools that aren’t available in MS Word.

During my Nevron review, I found the Table of Contents feature simple to use which is a huge plus for longer documents, like novels or lengthy contract documents. It seemed somehow more intuitive than the TOC feature in MSWord. In a matter of minutes, I had an outline together and was able to automatically create a TOC with just the click of the mouse. If in the midst of your novel, you need to change the name of a chapter, you just change it and then click the update TOC button on the toolbar.

The only thing I found a little disconcerting during my Nevron Review was the fact that my document contained a Nevron Writer copyright notice. I assume this was because I used a trial version and it would be removed once the full version was purchased and installed.

For those DIY freelancers who want to create a blog post or web page that requires more advanced formatting than what WordPress offers, Nevron seems like a great option. It will also work well for those who have a specific vision of what they want their blog or web page to look like but lack the technical skills needed to code it.

If you fit either of these categories, I’d recommend a trial run with the free download or using the free online version with Silverlight. If after the trial, you find it works well for your needs, the purchase price for Nevron Writer is a low $19 which makes it a cost saving alternative to monthly MS Word subscription plans.

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