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Trends come and go, and freelance portals like Upwork bear witness to all of them. Shortly after the success of Fifty Shades of Grey, there was a huge increase in the demand for erotic novels, with a few jobs on what was then oDesk and Elance even asking for writers to “rewrite” the popular novel.

However, there are some jobs that have always been popular and will likely remain popular for many years to come. If you specialize in any of these areas then you can make a pretty penny as a writer. If not, it might be time to learn.


There is a huge demand for gambling content, and there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, online gambling is a growing industry, with big brands establishing many sites, running many campaigns, and requiring a wealth of content as a result. Secondly, it can be hard to promote gambling sites in the same way as other sites, as there are restrictions in place to stop social media, TV and newspaper advertising and back linking is also much harder. This leaves most of the work in the hand of content writers who craft SEO articles.

Finally, gambling sites are turnkey sites that use preset software and templates, with only the logos and the content changing. This means they can be churned out in their thousands, with the work falling into the laps of content writers.

The gambling sites typically hire writing and SEO agencies, and those agencies turn to sites like Upwork to get the work done.

Health and Weight Loss

The heath industry is on a rapid rise right now and has been for a few years. This is in no small part down to the growth of Instagram and Youtube fitness communities, many of which spurn blogs, as well as supplement sites, weight loss/fitness programs, and more. They need vast amounts of content and this needs to be churned out on a regular basis.

They also don’t always have big budgets and are therefore heavily reliant on remote workers. It’s why you will see countless jobs ranging from writing books about weight loss to writing fitness courses and articles.

Academic Essays

Essays are not as easy to write as basic web content, requiring more research, more effort and more time, even though they typically pay the same. In fact, you may have noticed a rise in the amount of jobs asking for essays and offering to pay a bare minimum rate. That’s because these job are created for essay writing websites.

These sites work on a simple business model, one that charges students for original essays. They are constantly in competition with them, which means prices are always being driven down and very little is leftover to pay the writer. We would recommend avoiding these like the plague. Not only is it immoral but it rarely pays well and often results in a very frustrating job.


There are so many jobs on Upwork asking for “original recipes” that you have to wonder how there are any original recipes still left. These jobs rarely pay well, and that’s because they hire semi-talented writers who can quickly rewrite an existing recipe, as opposed to talented cooks that can craft one from scratch.

The end result is a deluge of recipes available for every possible food combination. It also means that 99% of the recipes you find on smaller blogs and websites have likely never actually been made, and have been created on a whim using nothing but the writer’s imagination, a copyrighted recipe, and a little guesswork.

SEO Guest Posts

These are an essential part of any SEO campaign and there is a growing need for them right now. They are typically offered by SEO firms who work with all kinds of websites and professionals, and writers can find themselves helping a personal injury lawyer website one day and a clothing website the next. They are tasked with moving between subjects at will and this can provide some much needed variety, but it can also be difficult to get into a rhythm.

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