The Highest Paying Jobs in the United States Compared to Freelancing

Highest Paying Jobs in the United States

There is no security in freelancing. It doesn’t matter how well you are doing, you can’t guarantee that you will still be doing that well tomorrow or next week. The good news is that many experienced and hardworking freelancers can still earn a sizable income over the course of the year, because those good times far outnumber the bad.

But what if you decided to give it up and look for a more secure job? The highest paid freelancers on sites like Upwork can earn between $50,000 and $100,000 a year. So if we assume an average of $75,000, just how do other high paying jobs compare? What other jobs are available to freelancers with the same skills looking for similar pay and better job security?

The Highest Paying Jobs in the United States Compared to Freelancing

Short of robbing banks while claiming social security disability benefits, all of these will require just as much work and some don’t pay quite as much, but that security is key.

5. Web Content Writers = $40,000

You might be able to make as much as $100,000 or even $150,000 a year on freelancing platforms, but as a salaried worker the jobs are just as mundane and the pay is not worth it at the end of the day. Security or not, this is not a lot of money for the amount of work that can be needed and the level of skill involved.

4. Graphic Designer = $60,000

They don’t get as much as they should when working for companies, and this is a job that is better suited to freelance platforms, but at least a company offers security.

As a graphic designer working for a company you can be doing everything from basic infographics and logos, to layouts, templates and product packaging. You can earn a basic wage for doing all of this and might end up with a little under $200 even for a major project when you factor in the amount paid for a day’s work. As a freelancer, however, a skilled designer can make in excess of $1,000 for specific projects if they find the right client and the right job.

3. Programmer = $90k

There are a lot of skilled coders on freelancing platforms and while the competition for these jobs is fierce, it’s also a very high paying industry with a growing need. If you work for a major gaming company you will be expected to work in large teams for between $70,000 and $90,000. As a freelancer you could be the one leading the way and making the decisions and you can earn a lot of money doing it.

2. IT Manager = $100k

If you know your way around a computer then this position could be yours, and the freelancing platform could be the thing that gives you the much needed experience.

1. Marketing Manager = $144k

You can earn an average salary of $144,000 a year. If you spend your days marketing, writing copy, and generating leads, you’re already doing the work as a freelancer.

This is a valued position as companies rely on skilled marketers to bring in customers. Without them, they don’t have a company, so they are happy to spend big.

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