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Gig Jobs

If you’ve been hanging out with us for a while, you ‘re familiar with our favorite platforms for freelancers. Upwork, Fiverr and PeoplePerHour rank among the best sites for freelancers to find work.

But if you’re looking for gig jobs, there are resources you can use as well. By “gig job”, we mean sites where you can apply to pick up an odd job here or there. These sites don’t usually result in long term work. But they’re a great way to make extra money.

Fortunately for freelancers, there are a host of sites dedicated to this purpose. Freelancers actually create their own directories of sites where gig jobs can be found. Here are a few of the best gig job sites for writers.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs, or FWJ for short (we have no clue), is a great site to find the occasional gig jobs. The site posts regularly updated curations of job opportunities from around the web. Most are from Craigslist, and a majority of the gigs are remote.

The site is updated almost daily, and is very simple to navigate. The jobs include positions for content writers, bloggers, editors and others.

Need help with a freelancing project? The site also allows you to post a job for thirty bucks.

Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro is another curated site which directs writers to gig jobs. In addition to short term opportunities, you’ll also find links to full time editorial and other positions here.

The variety of jobs on this site is huge. You can write scripts for video games, help to develop mobile apps or develop legal documents. The site also has a few resources for writers which you may find helpful.


More into journalism or business to business writing? MediaBistro is a great place to start searching for a gig job. You can search by location or select the option to only include remote work.

Jobs range from news reporting to content for business development, and they’re nationwide. Be sure to use caution when searching for jobs on this site, though. Many of the gigs posted require a specific geographic location.

Morning Coffee Newsletter

This is actually a nice little newsletter. We’re always hesitant to subscribe to anything because of the sheer amount of spam that generally results. But we gave this a shot, and are glad we did.

The Morning Coffee Newsletter is a part of Freelance Writing. The site’s been around since pretty much the dawn of the internet, and the newsletter launched a year after that.

The newsletter is delivered daily, and is another curated list. As of yet, we haven’t received any spam from the site, and the jobs are quality opportunities. There are plenty of gig jobs available; give Morning Coffee Newsletter a shot. You might find something you like!

Freelance Writing

We’re going to include this even though it’s technically the same site. Freelance Writing has its own job board, on which are posted both exclusive jobs and jobs from around the web. You can filter your job search by skill, location and source. The site points job seekers directly to the site where the job application can be found.

Freelance Writing offers a few resources, as well. There are ebooks available for download, as well as lists of writing contests and a directory of freelancers. So if you’re looking to outsource your project, you can find a freelancer here.


Let’s not underestimate the power of social media. Social media is a great place to find jobs, and LinkedIn is a good place to start. As you may know, LinkedIn users are able to post their resume on the site. They’re also able to network with other individuals.

LinkedIn is going to take a bit more work than just the click to apply sites. You’ll likely need to sell yourself a bit, though there is a job board for those of us less inclined to self promote. Be sure you’ve got a complete profile, and keep your content relevant to the job you want.


Another social media site that we’re sure you’ve heard of, Facebook can be a great resource if you’re looking for a writing gig. But you’ve got to know where to look.

It’s going to help if your circle of friends is professional. We don’t mean that they’ve all got to wear suits to work in the morning, but it’s best if your profile and your wall are clean, professional and free of questionable content.

If you’re looking for a gig job, use Facebook to network as such. Tell your friends (via public post) that you’re available for work, and include a brief summary of what you can do. Invite your friends to share your post, and be sure to appropriately respond to questions posted as replies.


We’ve covered Textbroker on Freelance With Us in the past, but it’s worth a mention here. Working on Textbroker is going to take a bit of preparation. You’ll need to submit a writing sample to the site admin. At that point, your sample will be rated on a scale ranging from one to five stars.

Once you receive your star rating, gigs are up for grabs. They’ll pay from $.04 to $.10 per word, but we’d like to issue a caveat. It’s time consuming to choose an assignment due to the layout of the site. Looking at the job posts will make your eyes cross. Most of the topics will make your eyes cross, too.

But all in all, we’d recommend Textbroker for a quick fix when you’re on vacation or just want something to work on while you’re watching television after supper.

Online Writing Communities

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the resources available within online writing communities. These can be social media sites, or they can be forums like ours.

The benefit to these sites is they’re topical. Writers can collaborate on current projects, announce job openings or just chat about the stresses of freelancing. There’s little of the drama associated with some social media, and it’s a great venue for writers to help each other out. As writers learn of new gig job opportunities, they’ll be inclined to let their forum buddies know.

Finding full time and lucrative freelancing work is great, but little gig jobs also have their role in a freelancer’s career. There are plenty of other sites available for freelancers to find gigs. These, though, are a great place to start.

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