Gifts and Gadgets for Writers: Best Gear for Authors and Freelancers

Gifts and Gadgets for Writers

.Are you a writer who struggles to get words onto the page? Need a little something to help you tap into your creativity? Do you need a boost to push through your current writer’s block? Or do you have a writer on your holiday gift list this year? It can be tough sometimes to find just the right gifts and gadgets for writers to help inspire creativity.

For that reason, we’ve pulled together a great list of some of the best gadgets for writers. On this list you’re sure to find something that will help inspire you to write and break through that writer’s block or find just the perfect gift for the writer in your life.

Best Gifts and Gadgets for Writers

The Observation Deck

This 160-page book is a unique gift for anyone who loves to write. Included in the Observation Deck is are 50 flash cards. Because each card and chapter in the book can be used in multiple ways, it’s perfect for writers of any experience level. This is way more than just your cliché creativity prompts. It’s great for writers in any genre. Great for individual writers or even with a writing group.

Scrivener Software

Scrivener is a word processing software designed specifically for writers. It works well for those doing long works such as research papers or novels. There are multiple views, so you can see your work the way that works best for you. Planners will love the corkboard and index card outlining feature, “pantsers” will love the ability to use the Snapshot feature to keep track of multiple versions. One of the features all writers will love is the Research folder. Scrivener enables writers to capture notes, research, images, webpages, files, video, all in one research folder. No more looking for notes you made on a napkin. Use the collection tool to send information directly from the Internet to your Scrivener research folder. All your notes will be waiting for you when you start your next writing session.

Rory’s Story Cubes

You may think Story Cubes are just a kids’ storytelling game. And kids do LOVE these dice! But there are in fact many ways for writers to use these dice to inspire creativity. Each one is etched with an image, such as a cane, cell phone, clock, bee, tree, sheep, etc. Use the images etched into these dice to jumpstart your next story, to keep a story you’re working on moving, or just decide what happens next when you get stuck. Some writers have gotten together and used story cubes as a game by choosing a genre and challenging each person to roll the dice and make up a story using all the images on the dice. Use images as they are or use them as what they represent to you.


For those writers on the go with a bit more wiggle room in their writing tool budget, The QWERKYWRITER keyboard is worth consideration. It’s a typewriter inspired wireless keyboard for your mobile devices. Available in two options, the refurbished Qwerkywriter at just under $200 or the newly designed Qwerkywriter S, available as a Pre-Order for just under $300. There have been some cool upgrades to the Qwerkywriter S, including the ability to connect to up to 3 devices rather than just one and redesigned angle on the tablet holder.

Writer’s Dice

When you feel like your story or article writing is stuck, a roll of the writer’s dice can help inspire your next move. There are just six words etched into these dice: But, And, So, Or, If, As. You’ll be surprised at how just these words can help propel your story forward when you’re stuck as to what comes next.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

There are two things that every writer learns pretty early on in their writing journey. The first is that inspiration can strike at any moment and it will usually strike when it’s least expected. The second is that real life itself is full of material that can be recycled and used in your next writing project. For this reason, every writer must have a good writing notebook to jot down observations, ideas, or even write an entire scene if the moment is right. Moleskine Classic Notebooks are the perfect gift for writers because they are luxurious and practical.

LiveScribe Pen

Give yourself or the writer in your life the gift of being able to “write” anywhere with this LiveScribe smart pen. Use the pen to write longhand and upload the actual content and any audio to your computer. The downloadable MyScribe software translates your handwriting to text. This is the perfect gift for the writer who is always on the go or a writer who still writes in longhand. Now you can write in longhand, upload to the computer, and do your editing online! For just under $150, this little gadget lets writers who prefer longhand say goodbye to re-writing several pages because of one change.

Write or Die App

Write or Die is one of the perfect gadgets for writers who battle procrastination. If you’re a writer struggling to finish an article or chapter, the Write or Die app can help. Set a word count goal and the timer. Choose how and when you will be rewarded for reaching milestones on the way to your goal. To keep you focused on writing, disable the backspace and delete key as well as the ability to exit the program until your goal is reached. For those who find a stick better motivation than a carrot, Write or Die also has punishment choices available.


If you’ve ever used chalkboard paint for anything, then you’ll have no trouble imagining how IdeaPaint works. Perfect for the writer that has everything, this handy paint is designed for writers. It’s perfect for those who love white boards or visual story boards. Easily outline articles, list scenes and chapters, or whatever strikes you. Paint a wall near the desk. Use it to track story timelines, brainstorm next steps, or even build a story world map right. For those inspired by dreams, paint a bedroom wall with IdeaPaint to jot down dreams as soon as you wake.

Check out a few of these and unleash creativity and boost productivity for the writer in your life. Have you got a few gadgets for writers that we forgot to mention here? Share in the comments below.

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