How to Get Featured on Fiverr and Other Tips

Get Featured on Fiverr

I’m sure it’s possible to make six figures each year on Fiverr. I don’t. I, personally, split my time between platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. But as someone who’s had great success with the site, I certainly know that the money can add up, and would like to share with you how to get featured on Fiverr. Here are a few tips to get you started.

How to Get Featured on Fiverr: Start Small, Then Grow

I mentioned in a previous post that you’ll want to start your Fiverr business by taking the smaller gigs. Begin with a few $5-10 gigs, and then eventually you can increase your prices as you get positive ratings.

But this doesn’t just mean writing content or blog posts. Those gigs are time-consuming, and you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to provide quality work to your clients for a mere $5. Instead, choose a gig that you can send within just a few minutes of receiving the order.

I chose ebooks. I have a series of ebooks which are each about 40 pages in length. They all focus on topics which are wildly different from each other; for example, one book is about natural childbirth and another is about vermiculture. (That’s growing worm farms, for those of you who are curious.)

The production of each of my books was easy. They’re all topics about which I’m extremely knowledgable, and they didn’t take long to write. Yet rather than sell them on, say, Kindle for a buck a piece, I’ve found that Fiverr customers are willing to pay more for them.

You can offer whatever you like. You can provide cover letters using a template that you customize for each client, or maybe you’d like to offer something fun, like a letter from the Tooth Fairy. Whatever your gig, make it scalable, and you’ll have the time and energy to sell more.

Wow Your Clients, Then Upsell Them

It’s important to remember that when you sell a gig on Fiverr, clients really don’t know what they’re getting. There’s nowhere within your profile to add writing samples, and though some clients will ask for them, most on Fiverr will not.

It’s like the clients who seek out services on Fiverr know that they’re getting what they pay for – five bucks is a steal by any standards – and they expect the worst. And, to be quite honest, they usually get it. I’ve been both a client and a seller on Fiverr, and it’s amazing the kind of crap people will try to pass off as quality content.

But you can do better. So do it. Offer your client a “trial” article at the $5 price, and then give it your all. Once you deliver your work, you’ll have both a five star review and a repeat customer. The repeat customers are where you’re going to find your income.

Fiverr gives sellers the opportunity to upsell their customers by offering extra services. These services can be as simple as an extra revision or as complex as adding stock images or keyword research. Once you’ve got a repeat customer, use these extra services to earn more.

Getting Your Gig on the Front Page

Fiverr sellers come in four flavors. These flavors are:

  1. New seller
  2. Level 1 seller
  3. Level 2 seller
  4. Top rated seller

Pretty simple, right? Well, it’s very rare for anyone below a level 2 to be featured on the Fiverr site.

The levels are based, in a nutshell, on the number of orders you complete within a certain timeframe, and the star rating that you’re able to maintain. So, when I said start small, that’s because unless you’re somehow famous, you’re going to need to sell in bulk, and fast.

But you’re going to need to get noticed, too. There are thousands of Fiverr sellers on the site, and you’re just one of the little fishies in the sea. Here are a few tips that I’d highly recommend that you implement:

  • Use real pictures: Fiverr allows you to upload a few pictures for each gig that you post. I recommend that at least one of those be a headshot. I told you that I’m a Fiverr buyer, as well, and nothing is more annoying to me than the feeling that I’m not communicating with a live person. I’ll click the person’s image a hundred times before I click the stock photo.
  • Offer something interesting: Again, I offer ebooks. I’ve messed around with gig titles a bit over the years, but they’ve usually been along the lines of “I will teach you how to give birth without drugs” or “I will teach you how to increase your living space by 200 square feet for $30.” You get it.
  • Ask for feedback: Please don’t ever hesitate to ask your clients for feedback. It only takes them about 30 seconds to do, and I’ve never had a client refuse yet. They can choose to write a review, or they can simply click the stars. But every bit of feedback you get is essential to your success.

More Tips for Fiverr Success

The most important bit of advice I can give you for success on Fiverr or any other platform is this: be yourself. It may sound like an inspirational poster, but it’s the God’s honest truth. A client really wants to work with a real person, not an automaton.

Show your personality in your bio and include real pictures of yourself. They don’t have to be professional headshots. Hell, they don’t even have to be professional. Include a picture of that time you rode Space Mountain. Just make it you.

Provide quality services, and always meet your deadlines. If you land a client who won’t communicate, you can offer to cancel the contract. But 9 times out of 10, your client wants you to get the work done and will be happy to resolve any issues with you. The better your communication, the better theirs will be.

And finally, have fun. Since its launch, Fiverr has been a marketplace for bizarre acts of humankind. There’s no reason why you can’t offer a few fun extras to your gig. It’s going to take time and commitment to the platform before you’re featured on Fiverr. Have some fun in the meantime.

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