Five Tips to Get Facebook Likes

Get Facebook Likes

If you want to know how to get Facebook likes for your page, then this short guide should be able to help. We have covered a lot of marketing topics here on FreelanceWithUs, and Facebook has cropped up in many of them. There is a reason for that, and that’s because our own P.J. Aitken is a huge fan of Facebook Ads. He uses it to promote his book The Online Writer’s Companion, as well as his many fiction titles.

It’s also something that we use to promote this website, and something we’d recommend for every brand and website, as Aitken explains…

How to Get Facebook Likes

In a recent articles titled “Stop Buying Facebook Likes” I made the point that you don’t need “Like Exchanges” and that you should avoid “Paid Likes” like the toxic spam they are. I also gave some suggestions for how to get genuine likes that are actually effective in growing your brand and helping you as an author. That’s what I’m going to expand upon here.

I don’t profess to be an expert on Facebook marketing (just don’t tell my clients). However, I know enough to get by. I have also done a lot of Facebook marketing on Upwork and have spent a small fortune advertising my own brands through here (including my works under the name David Jester and the FreelanceWithUs Facebook page).

In that time I have wasted a lot of money through trial and error. I have spent countless hours trying (and often failing) to figure things out, and I have come up with a few tips of my own on getting Facebook likes.

How to Get Facebook Likes Tip 1: Make a Start

The first thing you should do is make sure you have some followers on your page and make sure these will interact. Often, the best way to do this is to invite friends/family from your personal page. They know you, so they will likely interact with your posts. They may not be the demographic you seek, but that integration will help, as will those initial likes.

You should also run a few small Facebook Ad campaigns, using the “Promote Page” option. Make sure you select a picture that is relevant and enticing, while using a headline/description that is equally enticing, but can be a little more vague.

You then need to target users in your demographic. First, choose the language. Then make sure you select the option for avoiding “People Who Like This Page” (no point waisting impressions on people who have already liked it). And then choose a small number of interests that relate. Don’t go overboard here. Facebook will look for the cheapest solution to getting you what you need, and this often means using just 1 target interest in a list of dozens.

After that you need to focus on the country. You’ll pay between $0.50 to $1.50 per like for US, UK, CA, AUS, etc., But this will get cheaper as you advance and create audiences, so avoid that for now and focus on cheaper countries. Likes from India will cost you just $0.01 or so each. Not bad when you consider these will be targeted to your specified interests.

How to Get Facebook Likes Tip 2: Create Posts

Once you have some likes and your posts are being seen by more people, it’s time to run some ads for Facebook posts. At this point you just want to increase interactivity. However, it still helps to slip in a link to your site or a mention of your product.

Feel free to charge per post engagement, but bear in mind that you will pay more for certain countries than you will for others.

I find that the best way to increase interactions with your page is to run a competition. Give something away, even if it’s something small, and require people to “LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT” in order to enter. If you use an eye-catching image (don’t use too much text otherwise your add will be restricted by Facebook) and offer something good, you’ll get thousands of likes, shares and comments on a budget of just $100.

At this point you can start inviting people who like your post to like your page. Don’t go crazy, as Facebook will stop you if you do too much. To begin with, spend 10 minutes a day inviting people. After a week you should have an extra couple hundred page likes for no extra investment.

How to Get Facebook Likes Tip 3: Create Videos

Videos are a great way to increase interaction. You may know this as a user yourself. Think about how many posts and images you skip on your timeline as you flick through. Now think about how many times you stop because of an intriguing video thumbnail, one that you end up spending the next few minutes watching.

If you can create a video that promotes your page, site or product, then Facebook is a brilliant platform to advertise it. You can get Facebook likes simply by uploading it to your page, at which point it will be given pride of place.

How to Get Facebook Likes Tip 4: Use Your Ads Manger

Once you start spending money on Facebook ads you’ll be contacted by an Ads Manager. I actually thought I was being scammed when they first got in touch with me, so I ignored the email. But they continued, I paid attention and I was delighted to discover it was legit.

I don’t know if there is a a fixed amount that an account needs to spend before they are assigned someone, but I do know that I had spent about $5,000 by that point. I had actually considered a lot of this money to be wasted, as I made a lot of mistakes and didn’t really know what I was doing. But once the Ads Manager came onboard, helping me with regular phone appointments and emails, I began to spend more and see more results.

In just a few appointments he taught me more than I had learned the previous year. If not for his advice, I would have given up and missed out on a lot. So, don’t ignore those emails like I did. And if you’re spending a lot or planning to spend a lot, then get in touch with Facebook first and request an Ads Manager in advance.

How to Get Facebook Likes Tip 5: Use The Pixel and Create Audiences

Once you familiarize yourself with Facebook and once you have the Ads Manager helping you out, you can really start to use your Facebook Page to your advantage. There is something known as a “Facebook Pixel” that you should look to install on your website. It’s just a few lines of code and it works much like Google Analytics, except it’s a little more useful for advertisers and for anyone using Facebook Ads.

Once you have this, you can gain a better understanding of what your demographic is. If you post videos, it will tell you which demographic is paying the most attention (it knows who is watching them to the end, as opposed to clicking off straight away). It will tell you which demographic is posting, commenting and sharing more. And from this it will allow you to create a audience that you can target all ads to in the future.

This is the point you should look to target the more expensive countries, because it will allow you to focus on the sort of people that the pixel knows will interact with your posts/page. There are also many other things you can do to fully exploit this, from getting easy Facebook likes to generating cheaper leads, getting more shares, etc.,

It requires a lot of hard work and a little money to get to that point, but it’s worth it once you get there. Last year I used all kinds of outlets to promote my work, from print media to banner ads, local ads, blogs, Twitter and Facebook. After analyzing the results, my plan this year is to focus most, if not all, of my efforts on Facebook.

Not bad considering I nearly gave up on it 12 months ago.

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