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Freelancing With Us has come a long way over the last few months. The site is still less than a year old but we have hundreds of articles across dozens of subjects and it’s getting bigger everyday. I promised to make some big changes when that happened and I have!

FWU now has a brand new freelancing and writing forum, we have a few more writers onboard and we’re also looking to create more opportunities for other writers.

Freelancing Forum and Writing Forum

In the early days I fielded a lot of questions on Facebook, Twitter and through the site’s contact forms. The purpose of Freelance With Us and The Online Writer’s Companion was that a freelance writer (or any other freelancer) would find all of the advice they needed without any additional help. But as soon as the promotions started, the questions were quick to follow, often before they looked at the site. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the time to keep answering these questions.

I understand that a first-time freelancer might need some additional help or reassurance though. So, with a little help from the site’s developers, writers and editors, we have launched the Freelance With Us forum. You can use this to ask any question that you want. You can put your questions direct to the writers; ask the community; or just chat with fellow writers and freelancers.

To see the forum, just click the link in the header or visit Freelancing.Community.

The forum has a series of ranks, with different permissions at each one. You will find more details regarding the rules in the forum itself. You can also ask one of the mods if you’re not sure. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Readers: This is the rank you are given when you first sign-up. You can’t use the private messaging system or signatures and your posts will need to be approved.
  • Freelancers: Once you have half a dozen approved posts approved then you will move to this rank. At this point your posts will be added instantly. You can also use the private messaging system, you can add a signature, and you can access the Job Board forum (where you can advertise yourself as a freelancer and apply for jobs offered exclusively by FWU readers).
  • Writers: You need to be added to this rank by a mod, at which point you will be given complete access to all forums, including the Writer’s Corner, where you can submit articles to the site (more details below). You can also apply to moderate the site.

I’ve left control of the forum in the hands of the site’s writers. I will also pop in from time to time.

The Writer’s Companion (Shameless Plug)

The Freelance With Us site was created off the back of The Online Writer’s Companion, my first nonfiction book.

The book is coming towards the end of its first print run and will be reprinted. If you want to grab yourself a first edition before they sell out, you can find it in most major  bookstores. Amazon and the Amazon marketplace seems to be one of the best places to buy it right now: The Online Writer’s Companion on Amazon.

I will also look to giveaway some signed copies to members of the forum at some point.

New Writers; Write For Us

When I first launched this site I was the only writer. It wasn’t easy keeping the content flowing though so I hired a few others. I struggled to find reliable writers in those early days. Only half a dozen have been published on the site, but I’ve trialled 30+ behind the scenes.

These days I have two very reliable writers who have published hundreds of articles on the site and who will also be active in the forum. I’m also still willing to work with new writers.

There is a Write for Us section on the site where you can submit your ideas, but this hasn’t been used as I hoped it would. I left the submissions in the hands of a few editors and over the past year they have received hundreds of submissions from people who have submitted work but haven’t leave a name, bio or email address. They have also sifted through countless gambling articles, cookery articles, articles on film, music, and even politics. None of these were any good to us. And because there were no contact details, we couldn’t respond to the writers that did get it right.

A few weeks ago we fine-tuned the Write for Us page to make sure we were clear about what we do and what we want (and so nothing could be submitted without contact details) but we were still getting irrelevant content.

So, to make things easier we’re going to give preferential treatment to anyone who has the “Writer” rank on the forum. You can still submit articles through the Write for Us page, but it will likely take weeks for them to be reviewed. By going through the forum you will have a better idea what we are about. We will also know more about you.

More importantly, we’ll have a way of contacting you. That means we can actually publish your article and pay you for it!

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