Free Mind Map Template: New Templates for 2017

Free Mind Map Template

Mind mapping is a great visualization tool that you can use for just about anything. There are mind maps to help you study for your next test or complete a big project at work. With a mind map, you can transform long linear lists of information into a colorful map that engages a full range of cortical skills.

The mind mapping process can unleash creativity and add more meaning into every aspect of your life. Traditional linear note-taking is counterproductive because it works without associations. As a result, it’s harder to make connections and when those connections are absent, so is memory and clarity of thought.

Free Mind Map Template

Hand drawn mind mapping can be time-consuming. Even mind mapping using a desktop or web-based tool can be time-consuming if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately, the use of a free mind map template can save you tons of time when you’re creating your mind maps.

Thousands of people are creating mind maps using technology, so why re-invent the wheel? Now you can find a free mind map template and use it as a foundation for your own projects, saving you time and frustration.

Free mind map templates exist because users worldwide have created them and shared them. They do the work, they release it to the community and they benefit from the knowledge that everyone is using their free mind map template.

Check Out These Recommended Free Mind Map Template Websites:

  • imindQ. This service has General, Business, and Education categories.
  • Biggerplate. This provides a Mind Map Library with Business, Education, and General categories. It also has categories for new and popular free mind map templates.
  • Edraw Visualization Solutions. Find templates for Word, PowerPoint, and PDF across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Built-in themes let you apply styles with one click. Export maps into Word, PowerPoint, THML, PDF or SVG files as well as many other formats.
  • Creately Free Mindmap Templates. This easy-to-use service lets you create mind maps quickly and easily. It provides features like one click create, a drag and drop function for shapes, and preset connectors.
  • This one offers a wide variety of mind mapping templates, including some bright, colorful, and easy to use free mind map templates for kids.
  • Examples by MindMeister. This includes samples of mind map templates sorted into categories such as featured, trending, and most viewed.

Ways to Enhance Your Free Mind Map Template

  • Alter your use of different shapes to symbolize ideas. Use color or colored shading of words to emphasize different sections of your mind map.
  • Make the images and colors you use throughout your mind map stimulating and eye-catching.
  • Colors can also be used to emphasize related items (i.e. all future idea are red, past events are green, etc.)
  • Adjust the endings of your branches as a way of placing emphasis on phrases or words you want to stand out.
  • For more intrigue, create codes to draw your eye or attention to particular parts of the mind map template.
  • Use six or less main branches radiating from the center to make your mind map easy to read.
  • Vary the thickness of your branches at different levels for emphasis. For example, thicker branch lines near the center and thinner lines near the outer edge.
  • Follow the rules for mind mapping creation, but don’t let it restrict your creativity.
  • Simplicity is key. Stick to one word or short phrase per branch.

Subscription Mind Map Software

  • MAPMyself/Mapul offers one mind maps for free. You can also upgrade to one of their three paid subscription plans ($25/3 months, $35/6 months, or $50/12 months) for unlimited maps and images.
  • MindMeister free version lets you share, collaborate, or import up to three maps.
  • Mindomo is available on all platforms including iPad and Android. Create up to three maps on the free version or upgrade to Premium for $36/6months for unlimited mind maps.
  • Spicynodes is free for individuals but the SpicyNodes logo will be on your map. Premium paid memberships available for Organizations ($24/month) and Enterprise ($149/month).
  • SpiderScribe is an online mind mapping resource tool. Because maps are stored in the cloud, you can collaborate or share your maps with others easily. A free personal plan is available for non-commercial use with unlimited public maps and three private maps. They also offer a Pro version ($5/month), Education version ($19/month) and a Business version ($25/month).
  • XMind is an open source mind mapping tool that offers a free basic version which is easy to use. The XMind 8 plus version is $79.00. Access to Clip Art, Gantt Charting, Audio Note capability, and password encryption is $99.
  • MindManager developed by Mindjet, MindManager offers a free thirty-day trial with access to a full range of features for Mac or Windows platforms. This industry-leading software is designed to with the business professional in mind. MindManager claims use by over 4,500 corporate consumers, and over two million paid users, that include over eighty percent of the Fortune 100.

Before you choose to invest in a subscription for mind mapping software, explore these free mind map template choices that are available online. Mind maps created by different developers can have a distinctly different looks to them. When looking at templates for mind maps, keep track of the ones that catch your eye and find out which software was used to create them.

Knowing which software produced the free mind map templates you love helps to narrow down your choices. Once you have several mind mapping software choices in mind, then research all the features of those programs.

Consider pricing, whether the program is web-based or desktop, and what kind of features are available for privacy, sharing and collaboration, file attachment, and import/export format types. Looking at all these issues will allow you to choose wisely.

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