Fiverr Tips: Making Money with Gigs

Fiverr Tips

If you’re a freelancer, you’ve probably have heard of Fiverr. The concept is simple: sell any service for $5, with add-ons available for clients that like your work and want more features. However, the market is competitive and it’s not easy. But if you’re looking for some ways to make more money and are prepared to work hard, it’s worth considering. And with these Fiverr Tips we can help.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few winning strategies to make more money and get better clients on Fiverr.

Top Fiverr Tips

Fiver Tip 1: Complete Your Profile

Your profile is your first-impression. If you aren’t getting the amount of sales you’d like, ask yourself whether your profile is complete. This includes fixing your title, tags, gig description, and video. You need to convey a professional demeanor, otherwise clients won’t want to work with you.

Add links to your social media, as clients will follow them to see if you are who you claim to be.

Fiver Tip 2: Response Time Matters

Response time matters. As a client as well as a worker on Fiverr, all information someone offering a gig is taken into account. And if you’re like me, I want things done yesterday! The quicker you respond, the more it shows that you take your job seriously. It also shows how available you are for current projects (and for long-term working relationships).

Fiver Tip 3: Specialize, but Not Too Much

When offering gigs on Fiverr, try not to be a jack-of-all-trades. After all, a client goes to Fiverr because they’re delegating their responsibilities. Having more than a few different types of gigs is typically a red flag. However, having a number of related gigs works in your favor. For freelance writers, it’s not a stretch to say that you probably feel at home with copyediting, proofreading, creative writing, and ebooks—anything related to writing. On the other hand, graphic design and video editing may be in your skillset, but on a platform like Fiverr, this works against you.

Fiver Tip 4: Your Portfolio

Simply put, PUT UP OR SHUT UP. While this might sound like one of the harsher Fiverr tips, your work should speak for itself. Having the ability for clients to view your work on the site (via Live Portfolio) and externally (via your own webpages) increases your odds of finding a client worth working for.

Bear in mind that you don’t have to display everything that you’ve ever written. Just pick your best pieces that reflect a range of your capabilities and let the customer decide if you’re right for their project.

Fiver Tip 5: Be Professional

Have you read our previous article on cheap, fast, and good? If you haven’t, you should click the link and read. You want to deliver a great product at a competitive rate with a reasonable turnaround. The more talented you are, the more others will flock to your services. Clients realize that sites like Upwork and Fiverr are plagued by a “race to the bottom,” and are just as easily frustrated with this mentality as you may be when looking for the best work.

Your turnaround time is a mark of professionalism. Promising a 2-day turnaround is ideal, especially because a $5 gig shouldn’t take more than few hours. The 2-day turnaround also gives you time to ask your client further details about the project—something clients love! Offering a quicker turnaround as an option also increases your value, showing that you’re willing to put other clients’ work on a shelf when your current client is priority numero uno. This also can create a long-term working relationship.

Remember, the more professionally you handle your business, the more professional-level clients will come your way.

Fiver Tip 6: Leave Unique Feedback as Your Calling Card

Ever receive a hand-written thank-you note? The same spirit goes for your digital encounters on Fiverr. For every gig you finish, leave unique feedback. Buyers always read your feedback before purchasing any of your services. You want to show that you uniquely tailor your interaction with your clients and not just grind out the bare minimums.

Consequently, buyers will want to work with someone who goes the extra mile, even if that extra mile is raving about the client, citing the challenges of the project and how you overcame them, and another niceties you experienced.

Fiver Tip 7: Avoid Negative Reviews

In a perfect world, all misunderstandings would be resolved in a rational manner. Unfortunately, this word doesn’t exist. On Fiverr, negative reviews can tank your business and ruin any future prospects of working. How do you avoid it? Offer a money-back guarantee.

If you and a client don’t see eye-to-eye on your finished work, it is better to cut bait and give them a refund. Whether you choose to give them your finished product is a question of how much time invested, but then again, what’s it to you? Mutual cancellations can circumvent negative reviews and can prevent angry clients from taking action with Fiverr, which may spell GAME OVER for your Fiverr days…

If you do receive a negative review, try to be thorough in your side of the events. Instead of bad-mouthing the experience, try to pinpoint what went wrong with the gig and steps that you took to make things right. Refrain from any negative emotions. After all, new clients will read how you respond—tact and thoughtfulness go a long way in proving that you’re a good hire.

Fiver Tip 8: Avoid Freebies

Want one of the best Fiverr tips out there? Newbie freelancers make this mistake all the time, but it bears repeating: don’t do free work. Despite wanting to please your customers, performing free work ultimately sucks up your time. Worse, evil clients looking to squeeze you for all your worth love an opportunity to get something that they otherwise would have to pay for.

Remember that you set the terms of engagement. If a client doesn’t want to spend the appropriate amount of money that you’ve set, they can take a hike! If you show a lack of backbone from the beginning, it stands to reason that they will do so in the future. In our gig-based economy, every action that you undertake has a monetary value. If you’re desperate for work, refer to the other Fiverr tips listed in this article to rectify your desperation.

Beyond Fiverr

Don’t forget that there’s a world beyond Fiverr. Self-promotion is key to getting the most out of Fiverr. This includes your own blog, podcasts, videos, and so forth. The reason is that top-dollar clients do their research before they hire someone for more than just one-off projects. If you have social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), update them regularly with work-related posts. You can even use it as an opportunity to boast about your clients’ projects.

While most of these Fiverr tips are about making money on Fiverr, don’t rule out the possibility of becoming a semi-permanent fixture to an entrepreneurs needs.

* * *

Of course, these are just the beginning when it comes to Fiverr tips worth knowing. Don’t forget to be an active member on the forums, too! As with anything on the Internet, working gigs on Fiverr is an ever-evolving experience and you should adapt accordingly. Happy gigging!

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