Fiverr Arbitration and Fiverr Customer Support: Are You in Good Hands?

Fiverr Arbitration

Over the past few weeks, we’ve published a few articles about Fiverr and how the website works. Fiverr is a legit site, and a viable way to make money as a freelance writer.

But what happens when something goes wrong? How is Fiverr arbitration and Fiverr customer support? What’s the process when you have a Fiverr mishap and you need a little help?

Like most freelance sites, there are steps you can take if a client is giving your trouble, or if you’re having an issue with the website. Here’s what you need to know about Fiverr customer support.

Fiverr: What Could Go Wrong?

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. I have had a lot of success on Fiverr. I’ve met great long term clients who pay well and communicate brilliantly. I’ve never really had a problem with payment from a Fiverr client, but that’s possibly because there are measures in place to protect freelancers.

So what could go wrong on Fiverr? Pretty much the biggest problem you’ll run into is the same problem you’d have with any website: clients who are a pain in the backside.

We’ve all had it happen (and if you haven’t, you will). You’ve found a client you think you can work nicely with. You complete a simple assignment – say 1,000 words on global warming. Happily, you deliver your work, meet the deadline and the client says “Yay! That looks great!”

But then you notice that there’s a postscript. “But… could we also incorporate the keyword cherries?”

If you agree, and do it at no cost, you’re going to run the risk of that client asking you for more and more revisions until that $40 project ends up taking too many hours to be worth it. Thankfully, Fiverr offers options for sellers. You can add a “gig extra” to the order and charge the client an additional sum of money. Alternatively, you could refuse, but then you’re at risk of receiving bad feedback.

So what do you do?

Fiverr Arbitration: How to Get Help?

If you run into a client who’s giving you trouble – whether it be demanding revisions or leaving bad feedback just because he was having a bad day – you can get help from Fiverr customer support.

At the bottom of the Fiverr home page, you’ll see a link to Customer Support. There are a number of articles about various topics that you may be curious about – I suggest you take some time and look through those first. You may find the answer to your question without any assistance.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can contact customer support. You’ll go through the process of filling out the category, explaining the problem, and identifying the order number. Submit, and wait. Within a few minutes, you’re going to get an email saying that your request was received, but it’ll usually take up to 2 days to get an actual rep to answer your question.

I’ve always found Fiverr customer service to be very accommodating and friendly. They’ve helped me with a few issues I’ve had, but in the interest of full disclosure, these were account issues. I’ve only had one issue with a client on Fiverr, and that issue took about a week to resolve. He had left negative feedback on my account for an order that he, himself, had cancelled, and Fiverr customer service removed that feedback for me.

Most freelancing websites will err on the side of the client. It’s just a fact. Fiverr is no different, unfortunately. Before you ask for help from Fiverr customer support, be sure that you have documentation of the problem; use screenshots or whatever other means you need to point out exactly what went wrong.

Fiverr: What Can’t Go Wrong

Clients have bad days and they take it out on you. They’ll leave horrible feedback for no reason, they’ll cancel orders arbitrarily, or they’ll change their minds 52 times an hour. There’s nothing that can be done about this; clients are humans, too. Usually.

Things go wrong, and you may need to contact Fiverr customer support at some point in your career. But there are a few things that can not go wrong on Fiverr. Despite loving clients better than loving freelancers, Fiverr does protect its freelancers in two ways.

Nonpayment is not likely

First of all, it’s extremely unlikely that you won’t get paid by a client on Fiverr. Fiverr clients pay in advance, and that money is held in escrow until your job is completed. Once you’ve submitted your work, your client will either approve it or will ask for a revision.

The revisions are where freelancers run into problems. If a client asks for revision after revision, you can contact customer service. Fiverr’s terms of service lists these no-nos:

• Buyers who abuse the Request Revisions button and ask for different services than agreed upon requirements.
• Buyers who threaten to leave a bad rating to gain more services from the seller, not related to the agreed requirements.

Fiverr sellers, generally speaking, review the site and customer service positively. If the opposite is true, look more closely. There’s a good chance that the seller is unhappy with feedback received. There’s an even better chance that that work was done poorly.

Non approval is not likely

Sometimes in the real world, you’ll submit an assignment to a client, only to have them disappear. You’re not sure whether the client has used what you’ve written or if it’s hanging out there in internet limbo. Regardless, you’ve not gotten paid for that work.

If you submit a client’s work, and that client disappears, you don’t have to worry. Submissions are automatically approved after just a few days. Because your earnings are in escrow, you’ll get your money.

Again it’s the clients who abuse the “revision” button you’ve got to look out for. These clients are usually not sure of what they want in the first place. You’ve likely done your job very well, but these clients are confused and won’t be of any use to you in the future. Run far, far away.

Fiverr arbitration and Fiverr customer support are very easy to navigate. In my experience, the platform favors the opinions of buyers over that of sellers, but don’t fret. If you do your job well and manage your business properly, you’re unlikely to have any problems with the Fiverr platform.

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