Seven Steps to Find a Product Copywriter: Best Work for Best Conversions

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If you’ve done the work to create the best product in the world, your next critical step is to get the word out. You need to reach those people who want your product or services. One of the main ways to do that is through great written content on your website or blog. A great product copywriter can attract the clients who are looking for your product.

Just about anyone can write. And of course, you know your product better than anyone else. But sometimes writing website copy yourself isn’t the best way to go. When it comes to your product or service website, any written content, including blog posts, ad copy, press releases, and banners, can benefit from an experienced copywriter and review for SEO improvements. If you’ve reached the point where you realize you need to hire help to sell your product to potential customers, one way to get the job done is to find a product copywriter.

How to Find a Product Copywriter

If you’re going to search out a product copywriter you want the best affordable copywriter. You want a copywriter who can provide well-written content for your website or blog. You want content that persuades readers to become paying customers. But you can’t just choose any writer, so how do you find a product copywriter that will be effective?

We’ve put together a seven-step process that will help you find a cut-rate copywriter that is affordable and will produce the content you need to sell your product or services.

1. Know What You Want:

There are numerous types of copy writing that comes into play for marketing your produce or services. If you’re going to hire an individual copywriter, it’s important to hire one experienced with the type of copy writing you need. So, the first, step is to decide what type or types of copy writing you need including:

● Help with Branding
● SEO Copy
● Backlinks
● Exceptional Written Content
● Product Descriptions
● Blog Posts
● Email Campaigns
● Press Releases
● Ad Copy
● Editorials
● Technical Copy
● Course Curriculum or How to Instructional
● Banners

Many freelance writers and copywriters have experience in writing more than one type of copy. The ideal product copywriter will be highly experienced in writing the type of copy you will need most often and have knowledge or experience in several other types of copy as well.

And don’t think that it’s okay to cut corners and hire cheap writers just because your product is not as expensive or your site is not as big. Bad copy will put all customers off, so there’s no point in spending anything if it’s on poorly written work. Better content leads to more customers, more sales, more praise and better reviews.

We have direct experience in this. The FWU owners, worked with an independent retailer of bathroom products. That retailer cut corners with copywriting and business was slow. As soon as they hired professionals, their conversion rates went through the roof and their products were picked up by major Amazon reviewers and by respected review sites like Bathing Guide.

2. Where to Look for Copywriters:

● Third party freelance sites (Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc.)
● Craigslist
● Copywriting or SEO Agencies

Third party freelance sites are a good place to find product copywriters. But only if you know how to find the best copywriters available. Upwork, for example, which is a third party freelance site, provides you an option to search for copywriters using a filter. The search filter lets you search for copywriters in your specified country and with a 90% job success rate or higher. You can filter these results by hourly rate as well so you get a listing of the best copywriters in your budget range.

3. Collect and Review Writing Portfolios

Once you’ve gathered names and contact information for potential product copywriters, it’s time to sort through their experience and narrow down your choices. When reviewing portfolio work look at the following elements:

• Error Rate
Author Voice
• Persuasiveness of Written Content
• Readability

4. Collect References or Portfolios

It’s expected for you to ask the copywriters to provide references so you can check the quality and scope of their work. Sometimes this will come in the form of website links you can visit to see written copy on topics or products like yours. Other times the copywriter may provide you with a link to their portfolio of previous work.

5. Select the Best Affordable Copywriter

When you’ve narrowed your choices down to 2-4 potential copywriters, review their portfolios, their sample work, or contact their client references. Choose the writer whose work seems to best reflect the quality and tone of writing that you’d like to see for your own website or blog. Keep in mind that many writers can write on a wide variety of topics, so focus more on the accuracy, tone, and style of writing than on the topic. If your copywriting needs are varied, research the best affordable SEO company for access to multiple quality copywriters.

When you’ve reviewed your selected writers, and have chosen the copywriter you feel will do the best work, it’s a good idea to give them a test project to begin with. Starting off with a smaller project lets you see how they will respond to feedback and instruction and also gives your writer a chance to make sure the project is a good fit for them.

6. Pay Your Copywriter Fairly

Always offer to pay a reasonable amount for the test project, it’s not professional to ask a copywriter to do work for free, even for a sample or test project. Make sure you are aware of pricing for copywriters in your niche or industry and pay your copywriter fairly. Consider a cut-rate copywriting service such as Compulsion Media, as mentioned above, because you will benefit from one stop access to multiple high-quality copywriters and SEO services. A quality copywriting service or SEO agency retains multiple professional writers on staff who can handle press releases, blog posts, ad copy, website content, and much more.

If the test project goes well, move on to bigger and more complex projects. Don’t assume your chosen copywriter can handle whatever you need. Be sure to ask them up front about press releases, blog posts, product reviews, headlines or banners, book reviews, travel writing, etc. if those types of writing will be part of future work.

7. Monitor Results

If you’ve made the decision to invest in your business by hiring a professional copywriter or cut-rate SEO agency, invest time in analyzing the outcome. Monitor website traffic, readers, click throughs, and sign ups. If possible invest in A/B testing to ensure written content is presented to readers in the most engaging way possible. Selling products or services through written content online is a dynamic process. The process must be continually tweaked and tested to ensure your objectives are being met.

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