Where to Find Freelance Developer Jobs

Find Freelance Developer Jobs

Next time you visit a website, any website, think about how that website was created. Consider all the elements behind the scenes, the programming that makes the website work as you expect it to work. In truth, most freelance developer jobs happen behind the scenes.

•When you click on a menu button, how does it know what page to show you next?
•How does it know when you click that Facebook icon that you want to share it from your Facebook page?
•What makes the link work?
•How does your Smartphone know which restaurants are nearest to your current location?
•Is Alexa reading your mind? How does she know what to do based on your voice commands?

All these interactive elements were created by a freelance developer.

What is a Freelance Developer?

A freelance developer is responsible for all the behind the scenes coding and programming to make a website work for the user. In order to make this happen, freelance web developers must learn and master a variety of different programming languages. To be successful in a freelance developer job, you’ll need to develop programming skills.

Programming Languages in Demand

Programming languages are the behind the scenes coding and scripts that make things happen when it comes to websites, mobile apps, and software programs. There are hundreds of different programming languages, some are used in a wide variety of applications and others are specialized for specific devices. To be a successful freelance developer, it’s a good idea to obtain a wide variety of tools (languages) to have at your disposal. The more skills and tools you master, the wider range of projects you will be qualified to work on.

● Python
● IOS/Swift
● Ruby/Rails
● JavaScript
● C#
● C++
● Node.js
● Django

Basic Skills Every Freelance Developer Needs to Master

Regardless of what type of developing job you want to do, there are some basic skills that will get you started. These are skills that you will need for a variety of different freelance developing jobs throughout your career.

● CMS (WordPress, Shopify, Magento)
● JavaScript/Query

If you’ve decided to become a freelance developer but find you are lacking in certain basic skills, there are several great places where you can learn programming languages and other helpful freelance developer skills.

Where to Learn Basic Skills and Programming Languages

● Sitepoint
● FreeCodeCamp

Get the right site and then the only thing you need is a little time, patience and a good office chair. Seriously. Just look here.

Where to Find Freelance Developer Jobs

One way to find freelance developer projects is to create freelance profiles on several freelance sites. We’ve listed several below that are well-known for having web developer type projects posted on a regular basis. Do your research and choose three or four platforms that seem to post the type of projects you’d be interested in. Optimize your profile so it will be found when clients are searching for developers for their projects. Check job postings regularly for any that you can bid on.

● Freelancer (see our Freelance Reviews, as this site is a bit of a joke at times)
● X-Team
● Toptal
● Upstack (formerly Alt Tab)
● WordPress Jobs
● GitHub
● Authentic Jobs
● Krop
● Smashing Magazine
● The Muse job board
● Jobs for R-users


These are websites specifically geared for startups with a heavy emphasis on technology. You can find tons of information about startup companies offering a variety of jobs in the creative and technology fields.

● Product Hunt
● AngelList
● Startupers
● Y Combinator
● StartUpHire

Microconsulting Platforms

These are online platforms where youcan offer your developer services using screen-sharing, video or by sharing code to help others to fix bugs or coding errors. You won’t make a ton of money this way but you can earn a few dollars and better yet demonstrate to potential customers that you know your stuff so when they decide they need a freelance developer they’ll think of you.

● Airpair
● Hackhands
● Codementor

More Ways to Find Freelance Developer Jobs

Networking/Word of Mouth

Join LinkedIn and other social media groups related to your industry. Get to know not only other developers but also those who work on similar projects and industries. When the opportunity presents itself, without being pushy or “salesy” let people know that you’re looking for new projects. The more people that know who you are and what your skills are, the more likely it is that you will be the person they think of when looking for a web developer. Don’t forget that your previous clients can be a great source of freelance developer jobs too. Make sure to ask your clients for feedback when you complete their project and ask them to keep you in mind for future projects or share your contact info with colleagues and friends who need web development projects done.

Get involved in Open Source Projects

Open source projects are a great way to gain experience and build your reputation as a freelance developer who knows their stuff. Look for open source projects to get involved with on Github. These projects can be a way to support a cause that is close to your heart and an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and talent. You can also find open source guides, training, and other resources of interest to developers on Github.

Position Yourself as an Expert

Develop your presence on the Internet so that potential clients can find you easily. In addition to branding your social media profiles, offer to do guest posts on blogs related to your expertise. You can also demonstrate your expertise by answering questions on Quora. You might land freelance developer jobs by creating basic tutorials on YouTube or sharing advice on Instagram or in Facebook groups.

Rates for Freelance Developer Jobs

Freelance developers can make anywhere from $15 per hour to even $120 per hour or more. Income averages for freelance developers are slightly lower in the UK than in the United States. And as one would expect, a mobile app developer can ask for and get much higher rates in parts of California than in the Midwest.

Types of Freelance Web Developer Jobs

● Front-end Developer (website building)
● Back-end Developer (website functionality and web apps)
● Data Scientist/Engineer (data mining and analytics)
● Mobile Developer (Mobile apps like Snapchat and Instagram)
● User Experience (UX) Developer
● iOS Developer(iPhones, Apple watch, iPads)

According to Forbes, the freelance developer jobs will increase exponentially in the next ten years. The reason for this is that developers are charged with producing technology for a world that is increasingly automating even the most basic tasks such as setting alarms, ordering dinner, buying and paying for products, booking appointments and daily transportation.

Freelance developer jobs exist with big companies like Paypal, Apple, Salesforce, Ford, and even Harvard University as well as smaller companies in the insurance, banking, and retail industries. Now is the perfect time to hone your skills, develop your portfolio, and start building your client list to land more freelance developer jobs.

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