How to Freelance; How to Write for FreelanceWithUs (Full FAQ for 2017)

FreelanceWithUs FAQ

FreelanceWithUs is still just a few months old, but a lot has happened in that time. The site has been featured everywhere from Money Magpie to the Huffington Post, which many features coming courtesy of The Online Writer’s Companion, the book that spawned the site.

In that time, we’ve fielded hundreds of questions on Facebook, Twitter and through the site’s contact pages. A lot of these have been answered in site pages and articles. Some of them (or rather, most of them) are a result of a misunderstanding. So, to make life easier for FWU’s readers, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions below:

I’m Ready to Freelance. What Do I Need to Do?

FWU was created to help freelancers, so we don’t mind this question. In fact, we welcome it! However, all the info you need is available on the site. First, we recommended that you get a copy of The Online Writer’ Companion by FWU’s founder P.J. Aitken. He made it to the top of Upwork in just a year and he wrote the Online Writer’s Companion to help others do the same.

Aitken is a full-time author and freelancer, so he doesn’t get a chance to write many articles for FWU. We have many other writers who do post on a regular basis and all are full-time, experienced and supremely talented freelancers, but none have achieved the same acclaim. So if you want it straight from the horse’s mouth, the Online Writer’s Companion is the best bet.

The book is available from all major retailers and in every country worldwide. Links below: (may be cheaper on the Marketplace) (may be cheaper on the Marketplace)



Also available from Amazon India, Amazon Canada, etc.,

How Do I Write for You?

This is perhaps the most common misconception we face. By calling ourselves FreelanceWithUs, we’ve opened ourselves up to daily questions from readers asking how they can “freelance with us”. We’re not a freelancing platform, but we do accept submissions.

If you have something to send in, please use the following link and be sure to include your details so we can respond. Many of the requests we receive don’t send these details, and we also get a lot of poetry, fiction and other content we can’t use. So, please read the guidelines and submit anything you think is relevant. If we’re able to accept new content and think you would be a good fit for the site, we’ll get back in touch.

How Do I Contact the Writers?

We don’t publish the email addresses or other contact details of our writers. However, they are welcome to submit such details, and if they have done so then you’ll be able to find them on their articles or their author pages. You can also leave comments on articles or Facebook posts.

If you want to contact FWU’s founder, please do so through the contact forms and mark your message “FAO: P.J. Aitken“, otherwise your message will end up with the admin staff.

In the first few months of 2017 we will also be launching a forum where you can put your messages direct to all of the writers and to your fellow freelancers.

What’s the Best Freelancing Platform?

In The Online Writer’s Companion, P.J. Aitken was very vocal about his hatred of a certain platform and the appreciation he had for another. On FWU, however, we try to be a little more neutral. Our writers use many different platforms and have their own opinions about each of them. To see these opinions for yourself and make your own mind up, just browse their articles.

I Had a Bad Experience. Can I Write About It?

Of course. But every platform has as at least a few hundred people who have had bad experiences. None of them are perfect. We don’t want to single any of them out, so the best place for your experience report is the FWU forum. This is not available at the time of writing (Jan 2017) but will be available by April 2017, at which point it will be linked on the main page.

Can I Get on Your Recommended Page?

The site is still growing, so the Recommended section is just a fraction of the size we expect it to be by the end of 2017. Right now, we’re only adding people we have worked closely with for a long period of time. Eventually there will also be a section where everyone can be added after being vetted by our admin staff. We’ll release more info later in the year.

Can I Add a Link to my Page?

You can certainly try. As with the Recommended section, we’re very selective about what we include. But if you think your site should be on our list, feel free to submit a link to us.

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