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The Truth About Crowdfunding: Chances of Success

The idea of crowdfunding is something that appeals to many writers and creative types. You have an idea, you tell the world your idea, and they give you the money needed to make it a reality. It’s perfect, or at least it’s perfect on the surface. The problem with crowdfunding is that those on the […]

How Much Can You Make on Freelance Writing Platforms?

I got into freelance writing after spending a few years as a self-published—and then traditionally published—author. I got into the habit of working around the clock—writing, editing, promoting at all hours of the day. And when I swapped the world of self-publishing for traditional publishing, I had a lot of free time on my hands […]

Do Qualifications Matter as a Freelance Writer?

I dropped out of school at a young age and never developed a formal education. I was fortunate enough to be a very curious kid and a bit of a loner, so I spent my days reading, creating, and learning—albeit not under the guidance of a tutor—and that ensured I didn’t have the mental capacity […]