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Fiverr Arbitration and Fiverr Customer Support: Are You in Good Hands?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve published a few articles about Fiverr and how the website works. Fiverr is a legit site, and a viable way to make money as a freelance writer. But what happens when something goes wrong? How is Fiverr arbitration and Fiverr customer support? What’s the process when you have a […]

Nevron Review: Chart, Diagram, How to Use, What Is It

If you’re one of those writers lucky enough to have access to both a Mac and a PC you’ve no doubt noticed that many software programs have different features depending on the device you use. I know as a PC user, I’ve many times experienced “Mac envy”, especially when viewing those Scrivener tutorials. Scrivener just […]

Smashwords Review: Self-Publishing Favorite (Scam, Best, Worst?)

Once your masterpiece is written and professionally edited, whether fiction or nonfiction, the next step is to get it into the hands of as many readers as possible. In the past, the only two choices were traditional publishers or to pay high fees to a vanity press. Writers who couldn’t get picked up by trade […]

Is PeoplePerHour a Scam?

We’ve covered PeoplePerHour on Freelance With Us, and as a result we’ve gotten quite a few questions about it. Most of you shared your own experiences using the site, but some of you simply asked if PeoplePerHour was a scam. Some of you have cautionary tales, and we have a few of our own. But […]

AuthorHouse Review: Vanity Publishing Review

When it comes to self-publishing over traditional publishing, the responsibility for details falls onto you, the author. When you take on the role of publisher, you have the option to hire other people or companies to perform specific aspects of the process for you. One of the companies that provides these self-publishing services is AuthorHouse. […]

Fiverr Scams: What to Look Out For

We’ve posted a few articles about Fiverr in the past few weeks. But we’ve still gotten questions about Fiverr scams. Back in the day, Fiverr was a website which had some pretty bizarre gigs for sale – sellers could post just about anything and there was little guarantee that you’d be buying a legitimate product. […]

The Best Fiverr Clone for Buyers and Sellers

If you’re looking for a Fiverr clone, consider popping over to check out Zeerk. Fiverr clones can benefit you in a few ways. First, and most importantly, they’re a nice little way to get some extra money. Secondly, those smaller sites are a good way to build relationships with clients which can result in long […]

The Best Sites Like Fiverr: Alternative Gig Sites

I love Fiverr. I’ve had a lot of success over the years building up a client base and earning money on Fiverr. The premise is simple – you set up a gig for a set price and someone buys it. It eliminates a lot of the hassle of negotiation that sites like Upwork require. But […]