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List of Poetry Publishers: Where to Send Your Poetry

Ever wondered where to send your poetry after you’ve crafted the perfect verse? Getting your poetry published is easier than you think, and our list of poetry publishers can help with that. There are a number of poetry publishers out there. Typically, publishers will have an open submission policy or a poetry writing contest/competition that […]

Publishers That Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts

So you’ve revised and edited your manuscript—your book is finally done. What now? Most ambitious authors tend to go two ways: self-publishing or traditional publishing.  While we’ve covered self-publishing before, those that prefer seeking out a publisher to distribute their work may soon hit a roadblock: Most traditional publishers won’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. This basically means […]

Word vs Scrivener: Reviews and Comparisons

The first thing to know when comparing software programs like Word vs Scrivener is that it’s important to make sure you know what kind of tasks the software program will complete, as well as what you want to use it for. When comparing writing software, make sure you aren’t comparing apples to oranges. All software […]

5 Ways to Get Your Freelance Writing Career Moving

What makes a person a writer? Twenty years ago writing was a bit of a niche profession. Publishing came with a very specific set of rules involving an agent, an editor, and usually a lot of paid postage. In many ways writers today are lucky. I remember listening to an interview with Anne Rice one […]