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PowerWriter Review: Novel Writing Software

Being a writer is hard. It’s tough; it takes time; and you’ll feel like just giving up. But just like anything else, it can be made easier and less time-consuming with the right resources. Take writing a novel for example. It’s hard, and there are no shortcuts. But you can use writing software and word […]

DramaticaPro Review: Story Creation Software for Writers

When you’re new to writing novels or screenplays, you believe that each of your stories is 100% unique. As you write more and become more experienced at looking at the bones of stories and screenplays, you begin to realize that there are patterns in your work. The same applies to readers. Some patterns are easier […]

Free Word Processors for Mac: 7 of the Best

A writer is only as good as his or her tools. And when it comes to writing tools, Mac often leads the way. A Macbook is the dream system if your work involves anything to do with graphics and images. It is often the goal for anyone with a creative streak, but Apple Pages isn’t a […]

Press Release Distribution for Authors

So, you’ve written the book? Check. And you’ve crafted a press release? Check. And you’re ready to distribute it? Um…. Writers are notoriously bad a self-promotion. Unfortunately, the world won’t come to those who hit this common snag. After sending out a few emails, it can be discouraging to have your press release seem like […]

Free Mind Mapping Software: Best for Brainstorming

If you aren’t using mind mapping as a resource to enhance various aspects of your life and writing process, join great minds such as Da Vinci, Beethoven, and Darwin, by learning the process today. Creating a mind map and the accompanying process works as a catalyst by harnessing your brain’s organic way of doing things, […]

Tips on How to Write a Press Release

Finished your book? Great! Now it’s time to spread the word with a press release. Unfortunately, most authors tend to gloss over the marketing angle of the book-publishing business. It may be embarrassing to admit, but you might not know the first thing about crafting a decent press release! To combat this ignorance, we’ll be […]

Book Press Release: How to Write and Distribute

Finally finished your book? Writing it may have seemed like half the battle, with layout and editing following shortly thereafter. But, guess what? You’re still not done. The real work has only just begun! You have to get the word out by creating a press release. Crafting an eye-catching press release is vital to getting […]

Freelancing While Traveling: How I Paid My Way for a Year

Greetings from a Greyhound bus heading westbound towards Chicago. For more than a year now, I’ve been freelancing while traveling. I’ve been to more than 16 countries, including Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Mexico, Canada, and across the United States, getting by while writing for clients. It’s a great lifestyle and it sure beats punching the clock […]

MS Word Alternatives: The Best 12 on the Market

It’s no secret that aspiring writers, and sometimes even published authors are living on a shoestring budget. I’ve also talked to many writers who are reluctantly using MS Word for writing because they were “forced” into using it because the word processor they loved dearly was no longer supported. In the 1990’s, in fact, many […]

Mapul vs MindMeister: Comparing Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping was developed by a researcher in the UK, Tony Buzan and was first mentioned in his book, “Use Your Head” published over forty years ago. Mind Mapping is essentially a graphical representation of the connections between bits of information, or ideas. In a mind map, lines or curves, called branches, link ideas together, […]