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Creating Writing Groups: Improve Your Craft

No matter what kind of writing you do, you will quickly discover that the life of a full-time writer can be somewhat lonely. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing more satisfying than the day you say goodbye to the rat race. That is, until the loneliness sets in. You may have hated your job, it […]

What is a Mind Map? Mind Mapping for Beginners

Just what is a mind map? If you are looking for a tool that can revolutionize the way you write, deal with writer’s block, brainstorm your blog content, develop characters, or even build worlds, consider learning how to mind map. Although traditionally used by students as an alternate way to take notes and recall large […]

Free Mind Map Template: New Templates for 2017

Mind mapping is a great visualization tool that you can use for just about anything. There are mind maps to help you study for your next test or complete a big project at work. With a mind map, you can transform long linear lists of information into a colorful map that engages a full range […]

Five Tips to Get Facebook Likes

If you want to know how to get Facebook likes for your page, then this short guide should be able to help. We have covered a lot of marketing topics here on FreelanceWithUs, and Facebook has cropped up in many of them. There is a reason for that, and that’s because our own P.J. Aitken […]

Stop Buying Facebook Likes: Why It’s a Bad Idea

I had to check myself to stop this article from turning into a rant on why legitimate businesses need to stop buying Facebook likes. I’ve worked on many Facebook pages in my time as a freelancer, and I get a flourish of questions form my clients relating to this. There are many reasons this is […]

Best Mind Mapping Software Online

If you’re familiar with the process of mind mapping, you may already know some of the benefits it can have across all areas of your career. But did you know that regular, consistent mind mapping can have even greater benefits in your life? In this article we’ll look at some of the best mind mapping […]

Scrivener Reviews: Is It Worth It?

If you’re a writer, chances are at some point you’ve heard of the Scrivener book writing software. What you might not know is that it’s a writing software program born from the desperation of Keith Blount, a writer, looking for a software program that could help him to organize and better express himself in his […]

Creative Writing Classes: Improve Your Craft

There are two things you must do if you want to become a successful writer: you need to write regularly and you need to be willing to work to improve your craft. Writing is not something that you can perfect in a week, a year or even ten years. You must continually push yourself outside […]

Children’s Book Literary Agents In The US

Everyone loves a good children’s book. So, if this is the genre you write in, you are in great company. What’s more, the outlook is stable, and this is one of the most profitable genres if you get it right. When writing children’s books, it’s always a good idea to make sure you understand the […]