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Creative Writing Jobs: A Writer’s Options

Creative Writing Jobs Don’t quit your day job. How many times have writers been told this by friends and family when discussing their ambitions to “make it” as a creative writer? The truth of the matter is that there are a wide variety of creative writing jobs out there—you just have to know where to […]

Tips for Writing: Improve Your Writing

10 Tips for Writing Writing is a strange beast. There are rules about how to do it right, but there is also an element of inherent creativity that compels writers to do what works or what feels right. Here are 10 tips for writing that will help you write more often and create engaging content […]

How to Start Writing: Tips for 2016

Being a writer is an ever-evolving process. It seems like every time I begin a new project or a new phase of my career, I find myself in the same conundrum: How am I going to get out of THIS one? Of course, this is what keeps the job satisfying and interesting. Yet, trying to […]

Best Author Websites: Improve Your Craft

There are so many things to learn if you are interested in becoming a great writer. The first thing you will learn is writers never truly stop learning. There will always be ways that you can better express yourself and better engage your readers. Who knows better what you’re struggling with, when trying to improve […]

Upwork Fees: Understanding the Costs on Both Sides

The Upwork platform provides a valuable service to freelance workers as well as the clients needing work done. The services provided by Upwork save time, hassle, and money for both clients and freelancers. So, it’s completely natural and expected to see Upwork fees charged to both the freelancer and the client in exchange. This is […]

How to Start Writing a Blog

How to Start Writing a Blog It seems like everyone these days has their own blog. Whether it’s a notable celebrity keeping their fans informed of their career or a soccer mom that enjoys showing off her crafting projects, you may be wondering how to start writing a blog of your own. In this article, […]