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Copywriting Jobs: What is Copywriting?

Looking for some copywriting jobs? Look no further. As an experienced freelancer, this is an area I regularly work in and one that I have plenty of experience in. Even though you may not be familiar with the term “copywriting” you have no doubt at some point seen the end results of a copywriter’s work. Copywriting […]

Taking a Break from Writing: A Crucial How-To

Taking a Break from Writing If there’s one thing that’s most neglected, it tends to be the most obvious. Writing isn’t a physically-demanding occupation but it can be draining. While there may be guides on how to write a novel or ways to NOT make money as a writer, there’s relatively little on taking a break […]

How to Write a Query Letter

If you’re a freelance writer, you want to see your work published. Whether it’s for fame or money, the publication process isn’t as simple as finishing a work and hoping that someone will read it. Instead, it requires that writers have a familiarity with a few essential things, the most notable of which is how […]

Best Creative Writing Courses

Best Creative Writing Courses Creative writing is the art of writing with the intent to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions, rather than writing for academic or technical purposes. Creative writing can help you to share your experiences with others in a way that is entertaining, inspiring, or reflective. If you want to write personal essays, […]