Monthly Archives: August 2016

Apple Pages Versus Word: Which is Best?

When we look at Pages versus Word, it really is the age old competition between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple and Bill Gates and Paul Allen of Microsoft. The original version of Word was actually developed by Simonyi and Brodie, who worked first on Xerox Bravo, which was the very first “what you […]

Make Money from Home: Find Work on Craigslist

Looking to find work on Craigslist? This is something that FWU’s own PJ Aitken joked about in his book, The Online Writer’s Companion, but even he conceded that there are benefits to this site if you are a freelancer. And in this article, I’ll show you some of the ways that you can use this […]

PeoplePerHourReview: Scam, Genius or Waste of Time?

One option available to freelance writers, editors, or any other service type freelance workers, is the U.K. based website, People Per Hour. This freelancing portal is just one of the many third party sites that are designed to connect employers and small businesses with freelancers looking for work. This type of arrangement works for employers […]

Guru Versus Freelancer

When it comes to third party freelancing websites, there are plenty of them out there to choose from if you are looking to land some editing, writing, or other writing related work. It can be difficult to know which freelance writing sites are worth the time it takes to create a profile, build your portfolio, […]

LibreOffice Writer Versus Microsoft Word

If you do any kind of computer work at all, you will be familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite of programs. Microsoft’s word processing program for document creation is called simply “Word”, though it is sometimes referred to as MS Word. And truth be told, Microsoft Word has all but dominated the word processing scene […]