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Writing Definitions – What It Takes to be a Writer

[Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions in this article are solely meant for entertainment purposes. We are not responsible for any harm or damages you cause to yourself or others, nor are we going to buy a flower from you in Dulles Airport when you join the Hare Krishnas.] Ever wonder what it takes to be […]

Best Writing Apps: A Review

Where would we be without the Internet? Jeez, I shudder to think… It seems that nowadays there’s an app for whatever pursuit that you happen to be, ahem, pursuing. For writers, there has never been so many tools out there to increase your output, stimulate your creativity, organize your workflow, and so on. Let’s take a […]

Scaling for Writers: Writing Tips

As a freelance writer, I feel that talking about building our business is often a taboo subject. After all, you can’t let the competition—whoever they may be—know the intricacies of our chosen field. I mean, what would happen? Once we let out the secret, the market will be flooded with would-be hacks that will drive […]

Poetry Writing Contests: Make Money from Poetry

“More people write poetry than read it.” – George Carlin “There ain’t no money it.” It’s been a cliché repeated so often to hear how poetry doesn’t make any money. Let me be the first to burst that bubble. There are plenty of opportunities for those with a penchant for poems to monetize their work. […]

How to Write a Novel: Where Writers Get Their Ideas

While writing a novel may take up a decent chunk of your life, authors of these voluminous tomes still seem like wizards—how do they do it? One look at a bookshelf may seem intimidating at first glance and you might feel worried that you’ll never be able to join the club to write a novel […]

How to Make Money Writing: SEO Tips

If you’ve been a frequent visitor to this site, you may have come across more than few articles on search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. If you want to make money writing content, you want to ensure that your content does not get lost at sea in the vast digital ocean. The funny thing […]

How to Become a Writer (and why you would want to)

Consider this: Everywhere you look, from the banners plastered across Los Angeles to the playbills they hand out on Broadway, from form letters cancelling your cable to those sweet sweet royalty statement from Amazon,  the answer’s pretty clear: Someone had to write that, right? And that someone is you, dear reader. You’ve been a writer […]

Fringe Benefits for Freelance Writers

fringe ben·e·fit noun Definition: an extra benefit supplementing an employee’s salary, for example, a company car, subsidized meals, health insurance, etc. synonyms: extra, added extra, additional benefit, privilege, bonus; There are a number of bonuses that comes with a writer’s career. Even to this day, getting paid for writing seems like magic—it’s soooo easy, isn’t it? However, money isn’t […]

“Fake It ‘Til You Make It”

Movie star, statesman, and bodybuilding champion Arnold Schwarzenegger made an interesting point when he talked about first coming to America, describing it as “the Land of Opportunity.” We hear that phrase often, and I think visiting another country can really hammer home that sentiment. Arnold reflected on how difficult it was to start one’s own […]

Creative Writing Tips: How to Write

Clark Terry, one of most recorded trumpeters in history, had three words to describe how the creative process works: imitate, assimilate, innovate. Though he was a famed jazz improviser, the same three phases hold true for a creative writer. In this article, we’ll take a look at how they apply to your creative writing, offering […]