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7 Reasons Why Your Query Was Rejected

Rejection for writers can be as hard as being rejected by a potential lover. You send out a query, only to get turned down with a form letter or worse—total silence. Ugh, just thinking about it turns a writer’s stomach sour. However, the reality of writing for publications is more complex than a simple yes […]

Self-Publishing Tips: How I Sold Half a Million Copies

I recently completed a self-publishing course, which you can find at the UK Writers’ College. The goal of this course is to help authors succeed in an field that essentially made me as an author and a freelancer. This article was quickly put together for another website, but I wasn’t entirely happy with it and […]

Write About What You DON’T Know

There’s a fountain located in downtown Ashland, Oregon, which is the home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, or the OSF. For ten months a year, the OSF brings a cavalcade of tourists through this small town eager to see every interpretation and play of the famous playwright from Stratford-upon-Avon. However, there’s another attraction to this […]

Preparing for a Skype or Phone Interview with a Client

Every now and then, clients will insist that you take part in a phone or Skype interview. These are essential to some clients, and the job won’t progress without them. So, it pays to make sure that you are prepared. 1. Project a Professional Image It’s crucial that you always project a professional image to […]

How to Write Quickly: Improve Your Typing Speed

Unlike other professions, writers usually don’t get the luxury to run the clock. Instead, we’re usually paid by the word or try to meet the parameters and word count of assignments. We’re measured by our output. So, it’s in a writer’s best interest to crank out the writing in the fastest way possible while maintaining […]

Writer’s Toolkit: Essential Software

Writer’s Toolkit: Essential Software No matter what type of writing you specialize in, there are a myriad of things that can slow down the process. Access to top notch tools and resources can help you organize ideas, polish your writing, and stay on task. If you are looking to add essential software or apps to […]

How Many Words in a Novel (Novella, Short Story)

Is there no better feeling than finishing a writing assignment? Once a piece is finished, it sections off a part of our lives and we can nail it to our mental Hall of Accomplishments. That way, all who see our work know that this is a representation of our efforts and mental struggles. Writing a […]

The Art of Writing Without Writing

“Madge, I want to you to take dictation.” Have you ever watched those old black-and-white films, where a stern-looking CEO demands his secretary to fastidiously scribble notes based on his ramblings while pacing around his extravagant office? It’s a tempting thought, but the idea of having someone who not only took my every word, but […]

Upwork Spam: How to Avoid it

In a recent article about the changes to Upwork, we pointed out how spam was becoming more prevalent on this platform, how Upwork seem powerless to stop most of it, and how they are actually promoting some of it. There are two reasons for this. The first is that Upwork is growing at a rate […]

Upwork Changes. Elance, to oDesk to Upwork

Upwork was going through a lot of changes when I wrote The Writers’ Companion. Rather annoyingly so, in fact. When I wrote the proposal and submitted it to the publisher, Elance and oDesk were still separate entities, and Upwork hadn’t even been announced. Fortunately, there was a delay in signing the contracts, which in-turn caused […]