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Managing Jobs and Clients as a Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you depend on your clients for your existence. No clients, no career. But there’s a number of ways to take care of your clients that can mean the difference between having a nice roster of high-paying clients versus perpetually hunting clients from the depths after they go belly-up. In this article, […]

A Freelancer Writer’s Guide to Subcontracting

If you’ve been a freelance writer long enough, you’ve probably found yourself in over your head with some of the work that you take on. It could just be the amount or the particular skillset that’s beyond your current grasp. Whatever the reason, you need help. The solution? Subcontracting. By hiring other freelancers out there […]

Adjacent Skill Sets: Get More Freelance Writing Jobs

One of the interesting things about taking on writing as a career is as I’ve mentioned before is the ability to learn new skills. The more skills, the greater the benefits to your career. I call these “adjacent skill sets.” You’re not exactly transitioning your career in a direction that’s completely left-field from the industry […]

Cover Letters and Query Letters – Marketing Your Writing

Cover Letter – For Editors/Publishing Companies Definition: A cover letter is what goes on top of a longer proposal and sample chapters. (In this article, the cover letter will focus on an editor/publishing company). Editors are usually very busy people who focus on the quality of the work submitted. And they most likely review hundreds […]

Tips from Writers: Advice on Content Creation

Writing content, such as articles, blog posts, and e-books is a little different today than it was a decade ago. It’s a lot less formal for one thing. But regardless of what genre you write in, people are busier today than they’ve ever been. Very few people have time to read about things that interest […]

11 Ways to Make Money Online Part 2

This is the second part of a 2 part article discussing ways that you can make money online, and ways that you can can make money from your writing. Click here to read the first part. 6. How to Make Money Online: Crowdsourcing More and more people are awakening to the idea that not everything […]

11 Ways to Make Money Online Part 1

There’s a large number of ways to make money as a writer. With the Internet giving us access to clients worldwide, opportunities have never been more numerous. But where do we begin? In this article, we’ll take a look at eleven ways that freelance writers can make money online. 11. Article Writing for Publications This […]

10 Practical Tips on Writing for Children

For every children’s writer, there are hundreds of wannabees. So how can you take the next step to actually become a children’s writer? Hopefully some of these tips will offer you the inspiration you need to do just that. 1. Discover Your True Passion – You can do anything as long as you have the […]

6 Ways to Get Work on LinkedIn

Every writer knows that the key to earning money as a writer is to find quality clients who need your service and are in a position to pay for it. LinkedIn is a social media tool that you can use to get work, providing you know how to use it correctly. For those of you […]

7 MORE Reasons Why Your Query Was Rejected

(This article is a continuation of the previous article, “7 MORE Reasons Why Your Query Was Rejected”) * * * 7. Submit to the Guidelines Editors are picky, especially busy ones. They do not suffer fools. How do they do this? By leaving traps and highly-specific directions in the submission guidelines, which can include how […]