Creative Writing Classes: Improve Your Craft

Creative Writing Classes

There are two things you must do if you want to become a successful writer: you need to write regularly and you need to be willing to work to improve your craft.

Writing is not something that you can perfect in a week, a year or even ten years. You must continually push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Because only when you confront your fears, doubts, and insecurities, will your skills strengthen.

If you have already developed the discipline to write regularly, we’ve listed several creative writing classes below—some free and some paid—that you may want to consider.

Creative Writing Classes

  1. James Patterson, the American author, best known for his Alex Cross series, teaches writing classes online via The fee is just $90, and the course consists of 22 video lessons and exercises on how to create characters and how to write dialogue. Learn from a master author with 19 consecutive #1 New York Times Best Sellers. Learn how to keep readers turning the page. To top it off, Mr. Patterson is holding a competition for his current class and will pick one of his students to become his co-author.
  2. Writing for New Writers by Scribble is held online for 14-weeks, and will start with writing simple paragraphs and move through more complex writing, including research writing. The class is co-taught by Simon Williams, who has been teaching for over ten years, and Nur Ili Syazwani, who describes himself as “a modern-day Professor Higgins; helping my students become the Eliza Dolitte(s) of the 21st century.”
  3. If you’ve always wondered how bestselling authors come up with idea after idea, you may want to take the free 3-day email course, “Endless Story Ideas” offered by Creative Writing Now. Simply register to receive one lesson daily for three days. Lessons are designed to help you create your own writing prompts for story ideas.
  4. Gotham Writers offers online creative writing classes that you participate in from anywhere with an Internet connection. They offer an entire catalog of writing courses, including three different levels of creative writing workshops. Class size is limited to provide more personal attention to all students.
  5. If you’re serious about investing in your writing career and looking to improve your craft, consider taking some of the creative writing classes offered online through It’s one of the first writing schools on the Internet and has been providing writing classes since 1995 to thousands of students around the globe. Fees range from $140 and more depending on the length of the class you choose.
  6. Creative Writing for All: A 10-Day Journaling Challenge taught by Emily Gould, an internationally acclaimed author, is a great option for writers on a budget. Get observation prompts, inspiring examples, and clever revision tips in this 10-day creative writing challenge.
  7. Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot was created by Wesleyan University and offered via Coursera. It introduces writers to the most basic and yet the most complex component of a story: plot. Instructor, Brando Skyhorse, will teach you what it is that keeps a story moving, how it impacts expectations, desires, and feelings. Students will learn to structure and outline plot and will discuss narrative arc and much more.
  8. Creative Writing: Using Your Mistakes to Power Your Personal Essays taught by author, Emily Gould, and The Creative Writer’s Toolkit: Writing a Character Study taught by Wattpad Star and author, Lindsey Summers are two of the many creative writing classes offered online through Skillshare, Inc.
  9. Universal Class, Inc. offers more than fifty different online classes, with fees ranging around $75-$90 per course. Find creative writing classes to improve your craft or skills in writing in a specific area such as:
  • ABCs of English Grammar
  • ABCs of Technical Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Creative Writing for Beginners
  • Creative Writing 101
  • Freelance Writing 101
  • Historical Fiction Writing
  • Humor Writing 101
  • Journalism 101
  • Nonfiction Writing 101
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Travel Writing 101
  • Mystery Writing
  • Paranormal Romance Writing
  • Poetry Writing 101
  • Screenwriting 101
  • Writing the Great American Short Story
  • Writing Women’s Fiction

Additional Creative Writing Classes Offered Online via Open University

Write What You Know is a free 8-hour online class focused on helping you to access your five senses and view your everyday life via different perspectives. If you’re looking to learn how many authors tap into their real-life experiences in their novels to be more descriptive in your writing, this is the class for you.

Start Writing Fiction is a free 12-hour online creative writing class designed to help you determine both your strengths and your weaknesses as a fiction writer. Various levels of characterization and setting will also be covered.

Creative Writing is a 32-week online class offered through Open University. Classes begin annually in October and provide a variety of engaging exercises designed to help writers establish their writing voice. Throughout the course, you will receive revision instruction as well as feedback from your classmates. An assigned tutor will monitor your progress over the 32-week class period. There is a separate fee for each module, and you must buy a specific workbook for the course also for a fee.

Instructors should demonstrate a record of writing experience either in academia or as a published author of bestselling work in the area they are teaching. After all, if they haven’t been recognized for writing well, how do you know they can teach you to do so?

Take advantage of as many of the free creative writing classes to ready yourself for the more advanced, paid courses. Check other platforms for free versions of the class you want, especially if budget is an issue. Choose your creative writing classes, only after you’ve thoroughly researched reviews about both the course, the instructor, and the platform or company offering the class.

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