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Our Writing Software and Freelancing Software section is exactly what it sounds like. The purpose of this section is to provide advice on the best software for writers. This includes the best free word processors, the best word processors for Mac, MS Word alternatives and more. Some of the most popular articles on this page have included MS Word vs Apple Pages, which suggests that there are a lot of Mac users out there wondering if they should download MS Word or stick with Apple Pages

For these writers, and for any other writer seeking information on Writing Software and Freelancing Software, this section can help. Just like everything else on the Freelance With Us site, this section was created off the back of The Online Writer’s Companion, a book written by the founder of the site, PJ Aitken. Aitken also provides his advice in this section, but most of the Writing Software and Freelancing Software articles come courtesy of full-time freelance writer Megan Stewart.

The other FWU writers also contribute to this section, offering their 2 cent’s worth when it comes to the best and the worst software on the market.

Scrivener Free Trial Research (Review of this Free Writing Program)

Trying something out before you invest is a great concept, right? When you go into the store or surf the web and see something that looks cool and seems great, it’d be nice to know somehow in advance it’s going to work for you. If you’ve ever bought something online without a free trial or […]

Using Scrivener to Collect/Store Research for Writing Projects

No matter what kind of writing you do, chances are you need to do some research for your writing project somewhere along the line. Unfortunately, although research and formatting are very needed in almost every writing project, they’re two of the functions that quite frankly can suck up a lot of potential writing time. One […]

AbleWord Review (View, Edit, Create and Convert PDFs)

How many times have you needed to edit a PDF document that was sent to you? The portable document format (PDF), was created to share computer text and inline image files in a reliable way. PDF was originally co-founded by Dr. John Warnock as part of the Camelot Project, it became the PDF we know […]

Nevron Review: Chart, Diagram, How to Use, What Is It

If you’re one of those writers lucky enough to have access to both a Mac and a PC you’ve no doubt noticed that many software programs have different features depending on the device you use. I know as a PC user, I’ve many times experienced “Mac envy”, especially when viewing those Scrivener tutorials. Scrivener just […]

Scrivener vs Storyist: Specialist Writing Software for Writers

I recently discovered a little tip that I wish I’d known sooner about tin snips. Their handles are color-coded to indicate how they are designed to cut best. Tin snips designed to cut straight are yellow-handled, snips designed to cut counterclockwise in tight curves are red-handled, and clockwise cutting tin snips have green handles. Had […]

Free Text Editors for Mac Users

My father always told me that I could do anything if I learned to choose the right tool for the job. If you’re a writer who has been struggling to get words on the page using a word processor, a free text editor might just help you win the battle. There are a lot of […]

FocusWriter Review: A Free Text Editor

I ran across an amazing software program while researching the best free text editors for writers. I usually do all my writing in MS Word or OpenOffice, so I wasn’t at all familiar with FocusWriter when I downloaded it. Some quick research as part of my writing process revealed it is a free text editor […]

OmmWriter Review: Free Text Editing

If you’re a writer who has always dreamed of having a room of your own in which to write but your current situation doesn’t allow for a private writing room, Ommwriter is the next best thing. In fact, one thing many writers have in common, whether writing for their private journal, a book, or for […]

Best Free Text Editors for Writers

What is a Text Editor? Text editors are designed to view and edit plain text documents. Text editors typically offer minimal built-in integration features and are a scaled down version of full-fledged integrated development environment (IDE) text editors used by programmers and developers for programming and web design. Text editors are ideally fast and lightweight […]

How to Choose Writing Software: Sorting It All Out

As a writer, there are a plethora of writing software tools available and if you’ve shopped around at all you’ve probably come away overwhelmed by the choices. One main difference is the purpose of the software. In this article, we’ll try to clarify the different types of writing software available. The categorized lists will help […]