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The Freelancing News category on Freelance With Us covers news pieces that concern writers, authors and freelancers. This is a site dedicated to providing quality information to freelance writers, designers, artists and more. One of the most important aspects of that is provide up-to-the-minute news on the latest events that are relevant to writers.

As a result, our Freelancing News section covers everything from changes in tax laws that threaten to alter your income; changes on sites like Upwork, Guru and other freelancing platforms; and more. If it pertains to writers and authors, and if one of our dedicated writers has spotted it then you will find it here.

This section also covers new book releases such as The Online Writer’s Companion by P.J. Aitken. Described as “the Freelancing Bible” by the Huffington Post, this book was created by the owner of Freelance With Us and can help all freelancers with their careers, whether they are just starting out or have been freelancing for years.

The Truth About Crowdfunding: Chances of Success

The idea of crowdfunding is something that appeals to many writers and creative types. You have an idea, you tell the world your idea, and they give you the money needed to make it a reality. It’s perfect, or at least it’s perfect on the surface. The problem with crowdfunding is that those on the […]

Books, Authors and Lawsuits: Five Cases

Artists seem to be suing each other every week in the music business, claiming that songs sound similar and even that entire melodies have been ripped off. There are only a specific amount of notes and ways that they be put together, and it creates a minefield for artists. Music, like story ideas, are something […]

The Highest Paying Jobs in the United States Compared to Freelancing

There is no security in freelancing. It doesn’t matter how well you are doing, you can’t guarantee that you will still be doing that well tomorrow or next week. The good news is that many experienced and hardworking freelancers can still earn a sizable income over the course of the year, because those good times […]

Update on Progress Here on Freelance With Us

We have been working with some big companies to grow this site lately. But as with everything in the world of publishing, it’s moving very slowly. We are still here though and contrary to what you might have thought, we didn’t disappear into the shadows and are still very much working on FWU. So, here […]

Pets of Famous Writers and Authors (Dickens, Byron and More)

  A cat or dog can be both a best friend and a muse to a writer. We work at home all day and spend countless hours alone in the tedium of our own company, so it helps to have a little loving ball of fur to cuddle into and, occasionally, crawl along the keyboard […]

Graphic Design Jobs: How to Find Them in 2017

With the increase in technology and digital applications, freelance graphic design jobs are more plentiful than ever before. Where graphic designers were once limited to print mediums such as magazines, brochures, and printed advertisements, they can now apply skills to a variety of digital content as well. A graphic designer is charged with creating the […]

Where to Find Freelance Developer Jobs

Next time you visit a website, any website, think about how that website was created. Consider all the elements behind the scenes, the programming that makes the website work as you expect it to work. In truth, most freelance developer jobs happen behind the scenes. •When you click on a menu button, how does it […]

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs: Find Work as a Designer

If graphic design is your special skill but you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, consider freelance graphic design jobs instead of working 9 to 5pm for just one company. The range of projects that graphic designers can do varies greatly. Moving from a traditional job to a freelance graphic design job is a big […]

How to Become a Freelance Translator: Work, Jobs, Advice

A translator is someone fluent in two or more written languages. Hence, fluency allows them to offer their services to translate written documents into another language. Freelance translators are independent contractors or self-employed entrepreneurs. Corporate translators are employees who work for one company. It’s very similar work. However freelance translation can sometimes be more challenging. […]

Freelancing Forum / Writing Forum, New Additions (Updates)

Freelancing With Us has come a long way over the last few months. The site is still less than a year old but we have hundreds of articles across dozens of subjects and it’s getting bigger everyday. I promised to make some big changes when that happened and I have! FWU now has a brand new […]